Biden’s best “Come on, man”

“Come on man”

I’ve never been a fan of Mencken’s sentiment that American politics is the greatest show on earth* but Joe Biden’s continuing use of “come on man”, especially in this clip, is pretty hilarious. Just the look on his face, an American president on his first day in office, giving the old ‘come on man’ to what I’m sure is a scripted question. Biden looks like he hasn’t a clue where he is or what he’s doing, and is talking like he’s a blue collar worker on lunch at the deli.

*Excerpts from “On Being an American” by H.L. Mencken (1922)

“All the while I have been forgetting the third of my reasons for remaining so faithful a citizen of the Federation, despite all the lascivious inducements from expatriates to follow them beyond the seas, and all the surly suggestions from patriots that I succumb. It is the reason which grows out of my mediaeval but unashamed taste for the bizarre and indelicate, my congenital weakness for comedy of the grosser varieties. The United States, to my eye, is incomparably the greatest show on earth. It is a show which avoids diligently all the kinds of clowning which tire me most quickly — for example, royal ceremonials, the tedious hocus-pocus of haut politique, the taking of politics seriously — and lays chief stress upon the kinds which delight me unceasingly — for example, the ribald combats of demagogues, the exquisitely ingenious operations of master rogues…We have clowns in constant practice among us who are as far above the clowns of any other great state as a Jack Dempsey is above a paralytic — and not a few dozen or score of them, but whole droves and herds. Human enterprises which, in all other Christian countries, are resigned despairingly to an incurable dullness — things that seem devoid of exhilirating amusement, by their very nature — are here lifted to such vast heights of buffoonery that contemplating them strains the midriff almost to breaking.

Turn, now, to politics. Consider, for example, a campaign for the Presidency. Would it be possible to imagine anything more uproariously idiotic — a deafening, nerve-wracking battle to the death between Tweedledum and Tweedledee…the unspeakable, with fearful snorts, gradually swallowing the inconceivable? I defy any one to match it elsewhere on this earth…Here, having perfected democracy, we lift the whole combat to symbolism, to transcendentalism, to metaphysics. Here we load a pair of palpably tin cannon with blank cartridges charged with talcum power, and so let fly. Here one may howl over the show without any uneasy reminder that it is serious, and that some one may be hurt. I hold that this elevation of politics to the plane of undiluted comedy is peculiarly American, that no-where else on this disreputable ball has the art of the sham-battle been developed to such fineness…

… Here politics is purged of all menace, all sinister quality, all genuine significance, and stuffed with such gorgeous humors, such inordinate farce that one comes to the end of a campaign with one’s ribs loose, and ready for “King Lear,” or a hanging, or a course of medical journals.

But feeling better for the laugh. Ridi si sapis, said Martial. Mirth is necessary to wisdom, to comfort, above all to happiness. Well, here is the land of mirth, as Germany is the land of metaphysics and France is the land of fornication. Here the buffoonery never stops.

That cost, it seems to me is very moderate. Taxes in the United States are not actually high. I figure, for example, that my private share of the expense of maintaining the Hon. Mr. Harding in the White House this year will work out to less than 80 cents. Try to think of better sport for the money: in New York it has been estimated that it costs $8 to get comfortably tight, and $17.50, on an average, to pinch a girl’s arm. The United States Senate will cost me perhaps $11 for the year, but against that expense set the subscription price of the Congressional Record, about $15, which, as a journalist, I receive for nothing. For $4 less than nothing I am thus entertained as Solomon never was by his hooch dancers. Col. George Brinton McClellan Harvey costs me but 25 cents a year; I get Nicholas Murray Butler free. Finally, there is young Teddy Roosevelt, the naval expert. Teddy costs me, as I work it out, about 11 cents a year, or less than a cent a month. More, he entertains me doubly for the money, first as a naval expert, and secondly as a walking attentat upon democracy, a devastating proof that there is nothing, after all, in that superstition. We Americans subscribe to the doctrine of human equality — and the Rooseveltii reduce it to an absurdity as brilliantly as the sons of Veit Bach. Where is your equal opportunity now? Here in this Eden of clowns, with the highest rewards of clowning theoretically open to every poor boy — here in the very citadel of democracy we found and cherish a clown dynasty!”

Trump Cancels In-Person Republican Convention in Florida

From NBC News:

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said he will no longer hold a large, in-person Republican convention in Jacksonville, Florida, because of the coronavirus but will hold virtual events and still give an acceptance speech.

“I told my team it’s time to cancel the Jacksonville, Florida, component of the G.O.P. Convention. We will be starting in North Carolina for the Monday, as has always been planned, we were never taking that off,” Trump said at a press conference at the White House Thursday afternoon.

Trump said that it was “not the right time” for a big convention, adding that he had “to protect the American people.”

He continues:

“I could see the media saying, ‘Oh this is very unsafe,'” Trump said. “I don’t want to be in that position.”

Trump said that he would be making an announcement in the coming days about what the new convention plans will look like, saying that it would be in a “different form” rather than the large arena event he had hoped for.

“We’ll announce what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, whether it’s something that’s done online,” Trump said, lamenting that “there could be nothing like our last convention, unfortunately.”

Seems to me like Trump has given up.

This isn’t Moral Hazard, it’s War

“Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.”

I keep seeing the idea that what the Fed is doing is creating ‘moral hazard’. But what they’re doing is not moral hazard – it is a war crime. They’re not helping Americans in any way, and are instead actively destroying them and their American civilization. At some point people have to understand fully what is being done to them and their society. The people around them, the people they love, those who will come after them are being systematically destroyed and the best people can muster is a softly spoken, “moral hazard.”

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Digital Currency is Complete Destruction

A digital currency is cat nip to central planners. They can’t resist this temptation.

The future holds even less power for individuals and more power for the government, and the ability to gain more power over the people through the use of a digital currency is almost unlimited. Certainly the plans have been made, the system in place, now they wait for the opportunity.

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Mencken on Epidemics

Typhoid raged all summer, smallpox all winter, malaria at all times of the year.

I haven’t written about the affects of Covid mainly because government, once it has all the power, can do anything it wants. It is almost of no interest, as the lock downs are but one in a string of heinous things the government has done and will continue to do, until mankind comes to understand that the individual is worth something. Power in the hands of the state destroys people’s lives and the Covid lock down is a wonderful example of this.

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Trump As False Hope

I used to see much more support for Trump. The supporters believed. They believed he was going to do some such thing that they supported – shut out immigrants, reform an industry, arrest people, drain the swamp etc. Whatever it was, they really believed.

Now I see much less believin’. He had 3 years to do something, and never could get it going. There are clearly many bad actors in the swamp, and instead of draining it, he couldn’t even get a single one of them fired.

In the end, Trump was only more false hope for a rebirth of America. Americans need to understand the situation clearly. This is war. War’s a’comin’. The crash is going full speed ahead. No politician is going to save them.