Documentary on H.L. Mencken

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I am a fan of H.L. Mencken and have spent many hours reading his books and articles. He was one of the finest writers in american history. He had his flaws for sure, but his words still jump off the page, 100 years after they were written.

This documentary feels so peaceful…walking around the area where Mencken lived in Baltimore…talking about his life and writing. Produced in the early 2000’s, it features a who’s who of modern Mencken scholars.

Even 20 years ago everything seemed lovelier, and reminds me of how much society has changed in that short time.

So You Want to Know Who Owns America…

Mr. Friday Night: Movie Reviews

Watch this interesting documentary by Tim Gielen. He goes through financial information to find out exactly who owns the corporations of america. The answer is 3 companies – black rock, vanguard and state street.

We are fed the idea of competition between companies, and perhaps spending money on those that aren’t trying to destroy us, but in the end, it is an illusion because they are all owned by the same corporations. A good watch.

Reacher Movie Review – New Series On Amazon – Great Show

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Reacher is a new action series on amazon, comprised of 8 episodes.

The plot: Jack Reacher, a decorated US soldier, arrives in an oh-so-perfect small southern town, just as violence is erupting. He’s wrongfully accused of a crime, and uses his brains and significant brawn to overcome this initial obstacle. Reacher becomes involved in the action and slowly pulled into the fray, against his desire to just leave town.

This is a traditional action show, light on the gore and heavy on the fists. Reacher is a man’s man, à la clint eastwood, a tough guy that doesn’t talk much, just gets his business done.

Certainly not appropriate for children but not a curse-word filled gore fest like so many other shows are now. The only knock on this series is the first 15 minutes of the first episode is slow to get going. It picks up quickly after that.

Also a plus – very little social justice warrior b.s.. There is a little bit, but it’s subtle.

I’ve only watched 4 shows, but so far it is great. I will update after I watch the remainder of the episodes.

5 out of 5 stars. A great watch.

There Are No More Birds In My Area

Mr. Friday Night: Movie Reviews

I’m changing it up this time…rather than a movie I am posting an interview of Dane Wigington about the geoengineering happening around the world. Truly a must watch…I just hope he’s wrong. I haven’t studied this subject at all but I do know that the number of birds I see daily has declined dramatically in the last 2 years. There used to be birds flying around all the time, now it is rare to even see one. Crows would make such a racket it was impossible to ignore. Cardinals would perch on the side mirrors of my car. Bluejays were everywhere. Mockingbirds were always chattering, chasing away other birds. Doves would fly up from the grass every time I walked in the yard. Now, nothing.

Oddly, on 2 occasions recently I saw lone pelicans flying above the trees. It was memorable because pelicans are water birds and rarely if ever fly over land. I remember looking up and thinking “what are these birds doing?” Both times they seemed confused as to where they were going, like they were lost. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe not.

I don’t know if this is a part of a natural cycle or if something more nefarious is going on, as Wigington suggests. But there are dramatically less birds in my area. Insects too. When was the last time you had to scrap the love bugs off the front of your car? What are you seeing in your area – are there less birds and insects? Dane Wigington has incredible analysis in the interview below:

Barge Movie Review – Mr. Friday Night

I grew up watching the barges ply the waters by my home. They were always mysterious…ships from a distant land, just passing through. Each with different colors and designs, carrying different loads. Coal, rock, liquid containers. So this movie fascinated me. Finally getting a glimpse into what it is like to live and work on a barge. Barge shows that they weren’t foreigners from distant lands but local guys “slipping and sliding” down the Mississippi.

**** 4 out of 4 stars

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Mr. Friday Night Movie Review – Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware –

A fascinating look inside a manufacturing ecosystem. Learn why America is falling and China is rising…

I can’t say enough about this movie. As an american businessman of sorts, I’ve been privy to attempting projects in the business world. The slow drag of regulation and other such burdens upon business make it less enjoyable, less efficient…more work for no gain. The young sapling grows faster than the old oak and America has become the oak, and China the sapling. This is made extraordinarily clear in the documentary “Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware”.

If you want to see an entire ecosystem whose sole function is to rapidly produce goods look at Shenzhen. Raw material suppliers, parts manufacturers, delivery, design and engineering are abundant…thus allowing products to be created and built in rapid time.

Just as China rises America falls…manufacturing will not return quickly to the U.S. because the ecosystem required to support it here has been dismantled. This ecosystem is what makes a country rich…allowing for rapid development of new products, improvements to existing products etc. This enriches everyone involved – from the designer, owner, up to and including the end consumer. The gulf now between China and America is wide and rapidly widening. America must re-create this manufacturing ecosystem if it has any hope of remaining first world…unfortunately those in power for the last 100 years have been more concerned with passing laws and increasing burdensome regulation. American leaders don’t even understand the problem, so no solution will ever be presented.

**** 4 of 4 stars. Must watch

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WATSON Documentary Review – Mr. Friday Night

Here at Man and War we appreciate those people who stand up for what they believe in, regardless of if we feel their position is correct or not. It is the act of standing up which is beautiful. Captain Paul Watson is one of those guys. You gotta appreciate his determination in achieving his goals…willing to do virtually anything to protect whales…up to and including ramming Japanese whaling vessels on the high seas.

The film chronicles Watson’s life…from his early days protecting whales (He helped found PETA, then was pushed out of the group for being too radical)…as the founder of Sea Shepard (which was popularized on the show “Whale Wars) to the present time. Currently he lives in hiding from multiple governments, especially the Japanese, who have an interpol warrant out for him for multiple violations of interfering in their whaling activities. Good show about a good man.

****4 of 4 stars

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