Mr. Friday Night: Movie Review

Bill Cunningham New York

I don’t have any interest in New York street fashion but what was interesting was the man behind the lens – Bill Cunningham, a long time street fashion photographer for the New York Times.

The movie shows him walking and riding his bike around New York City, photographing random people on the street that catch his eye. He also photographs attendees at:

“high-society charity soirées for the Times‘s Style section in his columns “On the Street” and “Evening Hours”.

He came off as being just a simple, charming man. A perfect example of a person doing exactly what it is they love to do and dedicating their life to it. He is not burdened with philosophical questions. He has them but doesn’t think of them. He just wakes up and photographs interesting fashion subjects and edits them for publication, every day except Sunday.

What is beautiful about the movie was it showed his almost monk like devotion to his task. He dines simply. Lives simply.

Are there better ways to spend a life? Probably. But whatever you do, do it like Bill Cunningham did his job.

1-5 stars: 5 stars. An engaging man and movie. Highly recommended. Free on Amazon Prime

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