“What will Prevail? – Freedom or Tyranny?…”

By Clive Maund. Long read, but worth it:

2020 will go down as the year that the New World Order (NWO for short), after many years of building up to it, declared full on war against the rest of humanity, and since this war kicked off with an unprecedented “shock and awe” campaign it definitely got off to a flying start.

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Barge Movie Review – Mr. Friday Night

I grew up watching the barges ply the waters by my home. They were always mysterious…ships from a distant land, just passing through. Each with different colors and designs, carrying different loads. Coal, rock, liquid containers. So this movie fascinated me. Finally getting a glimpse into what it is like to live and work on a barge. Barge shows that they weren’t foreigners from distant lands but local guys “slipping and sliding” down the Mississippi.

**** 4 out of 4 stars

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How to Live the Nomad Lifestyle

“Off-road, off-grid: the modern nomads wandering America’s back country…”

Here is an interesting article about a new movie coming out Feb 19th called Nomadland, which shows the lifestyles of those who live out of their cars and travel around, on the cheap. Cancel your rent, buy a van and set up your home.

“If you look closely on city streets, campgrounds and stretches of desert run by the Bureau of Land Management, you’ll see more Americans living in vehicles than ever before. It was never their plan.

“If the Great Recession was a crack in the system, Covid and climate change will be the chasm,” says Bob Wells, 65, the nomad who plays himself in the film Nomadland, an early Oscar contender starring Frances McDormand. Bob helped April to adopt the nomad way of life and change her life in the process…

“Today, he lives exclusively on public lands in his GMC Savana fitted with 400 watts of solar power and a 12-volt refrigerator. His life mission is to promote nomadic tribalism in a car, van or RV as a way to prevent homelessness and live more sustainably.”

How Corporate Stores Impoverish Cities

Corporate is building one of the chain tire stores in my town, which was allowed of course by the great overseers on the building committee or zoning dept or whatever hideous name they use. Besides already having many tire shops in town, we needed more. Especially a corporate chain store. What they don’t understand is that corporate chain businesses impoverish an area by hoovering the money out of the local economy and sending it off to NYC, Charlotte or some other banker town. The zoning dept thinks that they get a nice looking, new building for the town…increased property taxes…and a few low paying service jobs. They don’t see that the business doesn’t add to a community…no one goes there to hang out and meet with others, talk, have coffee.

I once was going to write a travel book of america. In it I would document the areas and businesses of american towns. I could go to Des Moines and photograph the mcdonalds, wendys, wal marts, chain hotels and tire shops in the town. Then go to Tulsa and document the same. The same blandness, squatted across the land. Giving nothing back but a few low paid jobs…sucking the money from the local economy and sending it to corporate, impoverishing a people.

But such is life in a centrally planned economy…where those closest to power get access to virtually free money…and the little folk get access to a few thousand in credit card debt at 20+% interest…while their civilization is wiped out.

How to Become Rich…and Why It’s the Last Thing to Want

Nothing is sacred for a businessman. Everyday is a good day to acquire more money. It is their god – to get more money. All other values are below that of acquiring more money.

I’ve known a few wealthy people throughout my life…and to a man…they were uninteresting…plain…dull. There was nothing to separate them from anyone else, except they had acquired more money. None of them could play sweet music…or sing…or philosophize.

Why you don’t want to be rich

You have to have certain values and principles to become rich in the corrupted american society. You have to be like the rich. So what are they like? Let’s look:

Musk – owns a company that makes money getting handouts from the government…a’la carbon credits. A pure legalese scam. A man who has 6 kids with his wife and then abandons them.

Bezos – the richest man in the world, has a lovely family, abandons them for a plastic looking woman.

Zuckerberg – helping to destroy communities and friendship by moving it online. He moves to Hawaii and is detested by his neighbors. Now he has graduated up to limiting speech and the free expression thereof

Buffett – a doddering old man who spent his life accumulating money. When he dies he wants to give it all away. So what was the point then?

Bill Gross – a man who sprayed fart spray around his house in order to infuriate his ex wife. Clever I suppose for a child…but for an american billionaire tycoon?

In order to be rich in america you must be a moral infant. Don’t be like them. Money enough to be comfortable? Sure. But to make wads of lucre in a corrupt society you too must be a bland, easily corrupted weakling.

I remember reading about one of the richest men in American history…J.P. Morgan. If I recall correctly, he owned a large house in New York City. As he grew older he and his wife traveled the world, buying knickknacks everywhere they went. When he died they went to clean out his beautiful, ornate home and found that it was stuffed with doodads and other trash collected from all over the world. Much of it was thrown out, some went to museums.

This man, J.P. Morgan, helped to create the Federal Reserve…which to this day continues to enslave americans en masse. He did this so he could grow richer and in his retirement travel around and buy garbage the world over. The idea is almost unfathomable to me. To gain all the power money can buy…to be the highest ideal of an american one can be in being fabulously wealthy…so that you can stuff your house with garbage. This is what it is to be rich.

Tony Rice’s Advice to Musicians and all Artists


One of the great guitarists of all time, Tony Rice, offers advice to artists at the 29:50 mark in the video below. He talks about not being a copycat, be original, play what is in your heart and be who you are called to be. My bold.

“Personally speaking there’s a world of Doc Watson clones out there, there’s a world of tony rice clones, and the unfortunate thing about those clones is no matter how technically proficient they are, and there are some of them out there that are virtual monsters of technical proficiency that could blow me away. But what that does when they do that is they have become a copy of someone else and they haven’t gone beyond that. So the way I look at all this scheme of things is not only am I a musician but I’m a spectator. That’s what gets me off the most. I don’t care about hearing me playing this dam thing near as much as I care about hearing your playing. What can you show me, what can you run by my ears that’s so good, that I love so much that I want to hear it again. And how you create that. Well I tell you what you ain’t gonna create by doing it like I do because I’ve already beat you to it. That’s what this forum is about.

Its what I’d like to see more of out of aspiring musicians or aspiring artists in general. It’s that ‘give that to me’, give me your heart give me your soul. Show me the uniqueness of yourself. How do you do this? How do you make this chord? What’s the tone you have coming out of this? And you know how you do that? You do it like working a Rubix cube. That’s the way you do it. You do it with trial and error, and mistakes. But then again I’m a product of everything that I’ve ever done, we all are. That would be my advice to you. Play from your heart and soul. Think of every time you pick up an instrument and play it or whatever you do with it, think of that as an extension of yourself, with the goal in mind that you have something to express, to be shared with somebody else and you hope that they dig it.

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