Mortgage Rates Are Exploding Higher

There’s no way the rise in mortgage rates can maintain this trajectory. If it does, the housing market will collapse post haste. If housing goes, everything goes.

Either way, massive changes are coming to America that will result in the decline of everyone’s living standards. Look for war with Russia to divert attention away from economic collapse in the homeland.

(Chart from Zerohedge)

The Decline of NPR Mirrors the Decline of America

At various times in my life I have listened to npr on local public radio stations. They covered stories with more depth than other outlets, and I didn’t have to listen to the endless ads.

Now it seems the place is infested with people who find great mystery and fascination with the lower order of things. I can’t listen for more than a minute without such stories on gender inequality, abortion, psychotics or some other perversion. I recall a program where a woman worked for a man in NYC. The man made a run at the lady, in less than gentlemanly ways, yet still within modern male protocol. The lady said she was so aghast at the pass that she began to overeat, gained 25 pounds and had various other ailments – skin rashes and pimples – because a man made a pass at her. This, of course, was high gospel on NPR and reported with earnest.

Such is life and times in these united states. As the country falls into decadence and irrelevancy, so do her institutions.
No more NPR.

A Short Note on the Reaction to the Free ‘Money’ Spewing forth from the Fed

When the Fed came out with the spending bazooka earlier in the pandemic, though it was reckless and destructive to the american people, many cheered. I talked with some of the cheerers about it and everyone of them were for the PPP loans to businesses. I heard the same thing from each of them, which went something like this: “Do you know what would have happened without the PPP loans? You can’t have millions of people unemployed and starving in the street.”

But with the weekly $600 unemployment benefits, which passed in the same bill, the people I spoke with were adamantly against it. “You can’t give free money out to the lazy, the slobs. It pisses me off.”

I find it interesting that they cheered the PPP giveaways to slob businesses but wanted to fight the “unemployed slobs” who received unemployment. Both policies are equally destructive to society, but the people I spoke with couldn’t grasp it.

What was the cause of this acceptance towards PPP and dislike toward UA? Simple jealousy? I don’t know, but leave it here as a curiosity.

Note on Using Gold as Money, as in a Parallel Society

I was buying some household goods recently, which totaled appx $2100, almost the exact value of an ounce of gold. The man I bought the goods from was a good guy, a small businessman. When it got time to pay I thought about paying him an ounce of gold for the goods, as a way to do a little part in helping to build a parallel society. And I thought, “No way.” The bad money has chased out all the good money. The gold was something, it represented something – there is real value in a gold coin. Fiat is garbage, I would rather give him the paper garbage if he was willing to take it. Granted, it is the current garbage de jour but garbage nonetheless. I paid with a credit card and drove on home.

This Is Our Time to Strut Upon the Stage

You spend your life reading about the tumultuous times throughout history. The great wars…booms and busts…and you think, “Wow, what a scene! It must have been great to live then, to be a part of the action.”

There is nothing fascinating about the destruction of America and the American people, but it is fascinating to watch the process. How inept leaders always do the wrong thing at the right time to keep the cascade going. They have literally no love for the people, and cannot see the beauty that would be unleashed by unchaining them. They just can’t get their own interests out of the way.

Equally fascinating is watching the people fall for the same tricks…over and over again. They have no clue about what is going on. Some say its a race war, some back the democrats, some riot, some back the republicans. All have an opinion, almost all are wrong. As everything around them falls, they bicker over trivialities.

To live in this time as america falls is fascinating.

Let us write about it for the future people.
Let us act.
This is our time to strut upon the stage.

A Country’s Oil Consumption = The Size of Their Economy

This is an interesting look at how a country’s oil consumption equates to the size of their economy. As Chris Martensen shows, the correlation is almost 1 to 1. The corollary is that as oil prices increase, consumption is reduced, which reduces the size of the economy. Further, because modern economies are highly over leveraged, any decline in economic output puts the entire system in danger of collapse.

This collapse will happen sooner or later. The cause of the collapse will be because the ignorant fed members (and other central bankers) inflated an artificial economy based on fake fiat printing. These fed members will go down as some of history’s greatest fools, and the cause of the wreckage that will be america.

How and Why You Must Become a Kingpin Shareholder

Hello, this is stockbroker john how can I help you.

Hi, I’d like to buy some stocks.

Ok, great.

Which would you recommend?

Well we have a good telecom.

And how much money is the company making now?

What do you mean?

Well, I’m assuming it is a functioning business that makes and sells a product at a profit.

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You Will Finally Be Rich

America continues to spend money it doesn’t have – impoverishing current and future inhabitants – on things that it doesn’t need and are frankly, evil. Killing people in other countries, aborting babies, etc. In creating this fake ‘money’ it has created a grotesque caricature of her socialized markets. The endgame is

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Why are My Bills Going Up?

I was talking with a friend recently and they mentioned how all the locals in the area are up in arms about the increase in their electric bills. She sent me this screenshot as an example. So I asked what everyone thought the problem was. She said some thought it had to do with a backroom deal between the governor, state senators and the power company. Others thought it was just greedy capitalists, or the ignorant president. Not one of them mentioned the fed.

I told her she should comment back, “I know exactly why your bills are going up:

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