Why the Economic Collapse is Beautiful

Many would say that economic collapse is a horrific thing, and to be sure, much of it is. But there is a great streak of beauty within american economic collapse as well. Because people will get back to living how they’re supposed to live. More family, more friends, more community, more love. Rely on others…not the government. For this is how it has always been throughout history and how it should be. Sure it will be difficult. The threats come from many angles: biomedical war, toxic food war, food supply war, economic war…the list goes on. But this will create communities among people again, as they come together to try and overcome the threats and survive. Which is the story of human history. They will rely on one another. Rather than tear down they will build each other up.

During the economic collapse, the obvious absurdities of the false economy will fall away. So much destruction has come from that economic system, and there will be no pretending that any part of it was good. It will be shown to be the fraud that it is. It will be exposed.

Once the fraud is exposed, after long years, some new system will be created by the people. Some system that is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, freedom and sound money. It is only then, after this new system has been set up, will anything resembling a civilization grow. Anything that grows before will be but another bungling step in the wrong direction, much like destructive Keynesianism.

Seeing government economic totalitarian control go away and be replaced with a system which benefits more than just those in power? Seeing an economic system based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, freedom and sound money come to benefit all of the children of God?

This will be beautiful.

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