How and Why You Must Become a Kingpin Shareholder

Hello, this is stockbroker john how can I help you.

Hi, I’d like to buy some stocks.

Ok, great.

Which would you recommend?

Well we have a good telecom.

And how much money is the company making now?

What do you mean?

Well, I’m assuming it is a functioning business that makes and sells a product at a profit.

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The Beauty of Growing Older, Turning 40

When you’re 18, you think life goes on forever. At 40, you realize time moves.

An urgency sets in to do your best work, to get to the kernel of your life. To decide what you are all about, and to work on that exclusively. To give the world that which is most you. The most beauty you have inside yourself, that is what you want to work on, to polish it and give it to the world. Everything else fades away. Like the stone falling from the block, revealing David, you want your extra stone to fall away, leaving but the most beautiful sculpture.
This is what it is to turn 40.
A time of reflection.
Many want to go back and live again their lost youth. But I lived good then. I wouldn’t want to change it, though I had some setbacks and wasted years, because it made the man writing here today. And I love this man. I love my family. My power, my passions, my abilities. My light.

This is what I want to shine through.

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Your Handy, Printable Guide to Bartering with Metals

For Trading After a Monetary System Collapse

As america is pushed over the cliff by the money masters, it is worth understanding how to trade with metals – specifically silver, gold and copper coins. The guide shows multipliers for specific coins, to ease in calculating trade value. Also listed are the prices of certain goods in 1910, to better understand the historical price to gold relationship. Hope this helps.

I Saw the Richest Man in the World

I was at church on January 1st 2022. The Christmas mass is highly attended, standing room only. The mass on 1/1 is sparsely attended. It is a great dichotomy – everyone wants to be at church on Christmas, but then only a few show up just a few days later. 1/1 is a holy day of obligation – Catholics celebrate the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, and are required to attend.

To add to the sparse attendance, 1/1 was on a Saturday, which means we must also attend weekly mass the next day, Sunday.

On both days, in the pew in front on me, was a man and wife with 9 children. They were visiting the area, I had never seen them before.

This man (and woman) had the two most important and valuable things in the world. They had faith, attending church on 1/1, when so few others showed up. And they had family. I couldn’t help but think during mass that this was the richest man in the world. Didn’t know what his financial circumstances were and didn’t care, it wouldn’t have changed anything.

If you want to be rich – ignore what the world says to have. Faithfully go to church, meet a good woman, follow God, have lots of kids, and be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

How to Become Rich…and Why It’s the Last Thing to Want

Nothing is sacred for a businessman. Everyday is a good day to acquire more money. It is their god – to get more money. All other values are below that of acquiring more money.

I’ve known a few wealthy people throughout my life…and to a man…they were uninteresting…plain…dull. There was nothing to separate them from anyone else, except they had acquired more money. None of them could play sweet music…or sing…or philosophize.

Why you don’t want to be rich

You have to have certain values and principles to become rich in the corrupted american society. You have to be like the rich. So what are they like? Let’s look:

Musk – owns a company that makes money getting handouts from the government…a’la carbon credits. A pure legalese scam. A man who has 6 kids with his wife and then abandons them.

Bezos – the richest man in the world, has a lovely family, abandons them for a plastic looking woman.

Zuckerberg – helping to destroy communities and friendship by moving it online. He moves to Hawaii and is detested by his neighbors. Now he has graduated up to limiting speech and the free expression thereof

Buffett – a doddering old man who spent his life accumulating money. When he dies he wants to give it all away. So what was the point then?

Bill Gross – a man who sprayed fart spray around his house in order to infuriate his ex wife. Clever I suppose for a child…but for an american billionaire tycoon?

In order to be rich in america you must be a moral infant. Don’t be like them. Money enough to be comfortable? Sure. But to make wads of lucre in a corrupt society you too must be a bland, easily corrupted weakling.

I remember reading about one of the richest men in American history…J.P. Morgan. If I recall correctly, he owned a large house in New York City. As he grew older he and his wife traveled the world, buying knickknacks everywhere they went. When he died they went to clean out his beautiful, ornate home and found that it was stuffed with doodads and other trash collected from all over the world. Much of it was thrown out, some went to museums.

This man, J.P. Morgan, helped to create the Federal Reserve…which to this day continues to enslave americans en masse. He did this so he could grow richer and in his retirement travel around and buy garbage the world over. The idea is almost unfathomable to me. To gain all the power money can buy…to be the highest ideal of an american one can be in being fabulously wealthy…so that you can stuff your house with garbage. This is what it is to be rich.

Patience during a Bubble, Or, “The Fine Art of Snoring” as Nock wrote.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is have patience. You want in…when the whole world is grabbing at something, making it seem like the greatest sure-fire thing in the world to do, it’s easy to get caught up with the herd. Maybe the herd is right and you miss out on a great opportunity, or maybe you remain solvent when it goes bust. I’d miss a date with the Queen if something didn’t feel right about it, and something doesn’t feel right with economic markets. Now is a time to sit back and quietly wait for the opportunity, focus your attention on things that interest you and ignore the world. I could definitely be wrong…but I try to stay away from baubles, and practice the art of patience.

U.S. Trade Deficit Measured in Gold

In November 2020 the US trade deficit was $68.1 billion. Paid in gold the US would have to send 2.45 million pounds or 35.77 million ounces per month to foreign countries to cover the deficit.

The US currently has $484 billion or 262 million ounces in gold. Fort Knox alone has 147 million ounces of gold.

At the current rate the US would deplete the gold in Fort Knox in 4 months and all of America’s gold in 7.5 months.

What does this mean? I guess not much…until the flim-flam of fiat for real goods goes bust. The paper based system works because the countries receiving the paper dollar in payment can turn around and spend that paper to buy goods…oil, land, machinery etc. Nothing will change unless the value of the dollar drops dramatically…then the countries will want some usable good as payment…either a product produced in America…maybe a national forest or two…or America’s store of monetary metals. The US would have to clean out fort knox to pay the foreigners…which would work for a few months. Then what? War?

Because America produces little in the way of actual goods, if something were to break regarding international relations, Americans would be getting a lot less stuff and paying more for that which they do get. It is a precarious situation.

If you want to make money in future America, manufacture a usable good that people need.

The Key to Building Wealth: Make Money then Invest It

This article from accountant Brandon Hall goes into detail about the wealth building process. Through his job as a CPA he has been able to “peer into the lives of financially successful men and women. In doing so, I’ve noticed trends in habits that these people possess and I wanted to share that with the world.”

He found that his wealthiest clients made their wealth in one of 3 ways:

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