Man and War Report #1

James Tissot, Young Woman in a Boat

On the destruction of American Civilization

The boiling frog analogy, as trite as it is, is a great way to understand what is going on. A quote from ol remus:

“Decent people can’t foresee the next step deeper into public depravity, they believe it can fall no lower. They believe “something will be done” and it can only get better from here. They are wrong. They’ve always been wrong. This is the importance in putting down a marker early on, “this far and no farther”.


America is the ultimate Potemkin village. Everything is fake.

Fake dollar, fake economy
Fake presidents with fake hair
Fake elections
Fake economic statistics
Fake virus, fake science on masking
Fake fans in stadiums

It is all an illusion to maintain the status quo. When the fakery ends it will be quick. Many will be stunned when the painted cardboard towns fall down, exposing the gutted shell of American Civilization. Don’t be one of those people.

More stuff you may want to think about

Comment on Zerohedge:
“Fraud and deceit everywhere, no principles, no integrity, no honor, no courage, nothing. A nation of fat, foreign, womanly “men” with one concern only: money, and what it takes to get it.”

On Fiat Inflation
Record prices across the board. I know of nothing where prices are falling. Guitars, boats, cars, rent, houses, gold, bitcoin, stocks, bonds, lumber, copper, iron, shipping, food, ammo, guns.

The inflation unleashed in April is becoming apparent to many.

As soon as biden gets in he signs for more free $ for cronies and a shilling for the common man, which will satiate the people for 2-3 months, all the while increasing the problem.

The next round of stimulus will unleash obvious, unmistakable inflation of everything.

The higher the inflation the more the people will demand more money from the government. The more the government prints the higher prices go up, and the more people will demand.

Rothbard on free-wheelin’ spenders and the effects of such behavior:
“This, then, is the meaning of the depression phase of the business cycle. Note that it is a phase that comes out of, and inevitably comes out of, the preceding expansionary boom. It is the preceding inflation that makes the depression phase necessary.”

Notes from Around Town

I went to look at a job today and the general manager of the property, a friendly older lady, told me she had called 2 pages of contractors for bids. I was the only one that showed up. She showed me the pages with about 20 names written on each. Beside each name she had written down their response. She read them off to me –

Out of business.
I retired.
I can’t find enough bodies.
I don’t do that kind of work anymore.
Everything is too weird I’m not working right now.
I can’t get insurance.
Etc. etc.

The list went on. I understood exactly what all those guys were saying. It is an odd time. Civilization is collapsing all around us. Confusion abounds. Some of the most ignorant people alive are in charge. And we’re supposed to work and get paid in paper? So the guys are opting out.

I guess this is what happens when a country decides to live above its means, pretending, like Rome, that bronze slugs had similar value to silver. Or like America, who pretends that fake paper fiat is wealth.

I turned in a bid the next week, and checked back the week next. She said corporate decided not to move forward with the project, and wanted to look for patch jobs to get them through another year or so.

On Making $$$

If you want to make money in the inflationary future, start manufacturing a product people need and use. Natural resources are great to own, but being able to turn them into usable products is key. Those that manufacture have higher standards of living than those that don’t. Look at China. The general population were peasants in 1949, they built the country into a manufacturing powerhouse and now are quickly overtaking the US. Meanwhile, the US manufactures less and less. The standard of living keeps going down.

Make. Create. Manufacture.

Those who manufactured useful goods did well in the German hyperinflation. Everyone else went broke.

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