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Signs of Humanity. We Are All Homeless Productions. Free on Amazon Prime
****4 of 4 stars

Signs of Humanity is a documentary film about a man who traveled across the US buying signs from the homeless. Talking with them, filming his interactions. It was riveting.

Certainly it is easy to turn and not notice the homeless. But to not only look at them, but do something so out of the ordinary as ask to buy their sign, it takes them all by surprise, and makes their day.

In a world obsessed with the distribution and acquisition of $, it is almost refreshing to see people who have basically said “to hell with it, I’m not a wage slave, I’ll live in a tent and beg for my money.” They have, for whatever reason, thrown up their hands and decided not to participate in the business of America.

Why are there so many homeless?
The blame can be placed on the Fed printing trillions, which inflates the price of everything, while wages stay low. I tell people that $12 an hour is not even a living wage. You better be able to live with mom or 5 other roommates and have a good bicycle because you can’t afford much more. It’s a great tragedy what the Fed has done and is currently doing. They are responsible for destroying so many people’s lives.

*Cost of living going up
*Mandatory insurances
*Expensive health insurance
*Taxation, gives people the sense that the government is supposed to take care of people
*Immigration deflating wages. Immigrants work for less and put downward pressure on wages.
*Price inflation in land and building material price. Why build an affordable house when you make more building larger houses?

If you have any love for the poor, homeless or your fellow man you must detest the federal reserve for pushing so many into poverty. Watch Signs of Humanity and take a long look at the world the Fed has created.

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