Are You Overly Critical of Those Around You?

This is an excerpt from a book by Joseph Breig. Find the full text here.



By Joseph A. Breig


THE FATHER WHO has never reached the heights in business, industry or a profession is often the loudest in condemning his son for not making a brilliant record in school. The mother who bores all her friends stiff is not infrequently the first to criticize her daughter for not excelling in social graces.

To put the same thought into other words, you can usually depend on the man who never played quarterback to denounce the mistakes of the team he is watching; and the chap who couldn’t throw a knuckle ball to save his soul will tell everybody in ten thousand words what is wrong with the pitching in the big leagues.

The fellow who isn’t trying–who isn’t even playing–is often the first to criticize the fellow who is. And this small and mean and annoying human practice extends into the field of our relations with our Creator. The irreligious man–the chap who never goes to church– delights in reciting the faults and sins of religious people. This is a peculiarly simple-minded form of hypocrisy, because it ignores all the complexities of human nature, and the almost endless complications of the struggle for sanctity.

It is also almost a dead giveaway We cannot ever really judge anybody, but we may be sure that there is something wrong with the spiritual life of the man or woman who is quick to find fault and slow to praise. Often there is something very wrong with that person’s psychological life, too. He is trying to build himself up by tearing the other fellow down. He may not realize this, but more often than not it is a deep-seated cause of his critical attitude.

Another profound cause is lack of charity–that is, of love of God and fellowmen. Whoever really loves the other chap will be instant in recognizing and mentioning his virtues and achievements, and slow to speak of his sins and failures. When the other fails, he will either help him to his feet, or look the other way. He will not point a finger and shout at the crowd to draw attention to the fallen figure. If he does, he is not at all like God; and to be like God is our business.

We would all be in a frightful position if we were to be treated by God as most of us treat one another. Christ was asked point-blank by St. Therese, the Little Flower, whether her faults displeased Him. His answer was no. What other answer was possible? Sin alone displeases God; and faults are not sins. Faults are simply failures due to the fact that we are human beings and not angels. A dish may slip from our fingers and shatter, simply because we are human. Nothing of the sort could happen to an angel.

But men are not angels. It is of paramount importance that we realize this fact, and behave accordingly. I have heard of parents whipping children because they accidentally smashed something around the house. To the Christian soul, that sort of thing is sickening. And why is it sickening? Because the Christian soul is moved by love of God and neighbor; and love does not indulge in ill-tempered injustice.

But what of those who exaggerate and over-punish not merely the mistakes and faults, but the sins–the real sins–of others? The damage that they can do to the spiritual life is incalculable. They can discourage people who are striving for holiness. They can even cause people to stop trying altogether. In that case, they run the frightful risk of being responsible, in large part, for the loss of an immortal soul.

Let the irreligious and the carping man scoff and scorn all he pleases; the fact remains that most of us achieve holiness not by soaring in a jet-like flight, but by falling and rising, falling and rising, stumbling and getting up and going on. Only a foolish person is shocked by the sins of others. The wise man knows that wounded human nature will fall. He expects it to fall. He is never surprised by its falls. He is not specially concerned over its falls; what he cares about, chiefly, is spurring others to keep on trying.

Christ carrying the cross to Calvary is a picture of the ordinary spiritual life. Spiritually, Christ could not fall; being God as well as man, He could not be like us in that. But in all else He was like us. His body, like ours, could grow weary, could collapse under a burden. But when Christ fell under His cross, He did not stay down; He struggled to His feet and went on.

The true Christian is like that in his spiritual progress. He does not run to the heights; he staggers, he weaves, he falls, he rises, he struggles, he fails, but he never gives up. Those who stand scoffing at him are like those who stood hooting at Christ walking the way of the cross. But no decent man wants to be like the hooters. The decent man wants to be like Simon of Cyrene; he wants to lift part of the burden, and encourage the burdened one to go on, and to go on going on until at last he achieves success.

Where else than in the family do we have a better right to demand that everybody be like Simon of Cyrene? If a husband and wife cannot be helpful to each other, and to their children, to whom can they be of service? If they carp and nag, if they scoff and find fault, if they exaggerate every fault and sin to the proportions of final failure, will not they destroy the spiritual life in that home, and with it the happiness that ought to be present?

It is the duty of parents to be Simons of Cyrene. Simon did not ask whether Christ was guilty or innocent. That was not his concern. His task was to help somebody who needed help. And it is likewise the task of fathers and mothers to take up the burdens of their children, to lead the way forward and upward, and always to encourage and never to discourage. Children will sometimes be guilty; but guilty or innocent, they have the right to be able to turn with confidence to their parents.

This confidence is something that parents must earn. They must earn it day in and day out, beginning with the moment when their little ones are taking their first faltering steps. Children are entitled to know from long experience that no matter how far they may fall, in no matter what depths they may become mired, they can be sure that when they turn to their parents, they will be received with understanding and sympathy, and will be helped.

The parent who thus rears his children will reap a hundred rewards, heaped up, pressed down and running over, because his children will love him, will respect him, and will almost certainly, immediately or later, try to measure up to the measure of his love for them. But the youngster who is nagged and accused and berated, whose every fault and failure is magnified from a mole hill into a mountain–or from a mountain into a mountain range–can hardly be expected to rise up and call his parents blessed. In fact, he can hardly be expected to rise at all, once he has fallen, because he has received little but hooting from those who ought to have cheered him on.

Mortgage Rates Are Exploding Higher

There’s no way the rise in mortgage rates can maintain this trajectory. If it does, the housing market will collapse post haste. If housing goes, everything goes.

Either way, massive changes are coming to America that will result in the decline of everyone’s living standards. Look for war with Russia to divert attention away from economic collapse in the homeland.

(Chart from Zerohedge)

The Fools Run the Show in America

Their names are writ in water

The last several presidents are but placeholders, whose names are writ in water, forever to be forgotten. Like Augustus Claudius the 3rd, they never did anything for the people. They never did anything worthwhile, merely carrying on the same imbecilities of the past. History will forget them.

The presidents of the future will be but more Claudiuses. Captains ahelm while the ship steadily, relentlessly sinks. Some causing the great ship to list this way or that. Others hopelessly bilging.

The Americans turned they gaze to their leaders and hoisted them upon pedestals. They fought and argued endlessly amongst each other. They cared about voting and other pointless trivialities. But they forgot the two things a society must remember – that following Christ, and having free people are the keys to success. Once the freedom of individual people is circumscribed to the great state, the ship of society starts leaking. This is followed by decades, centuries of dissolution until the society is so plagued that all hope in her is lost. It is finally sunk, and discarded. To be rebuilt again only when situated upon the bedrock of Christ and His teachings.

The Decline of NPR Mirrors the Decline of America

At various times in my life I have listened to npr on local public radio stations. They covered stories with more depth than other outlets, and I didn’t have to listen to the endless ads.

Now it seems the place is infested with people who find great mystery and fascination with the lower order of things. I can’t listen for more than a minute without such stories on gender inequality, abortion, psychotics or some other perversion. I recall a program where a woman worked for a man in NYC. The man made a run at the lady, in less than gentlemanly ways, yet still within modern male protocol. The lady said she was so aghast at the pass that she began to overeat, gained 25 pounds and had various other ailments – skin rashes and pimples – because a man made a pass at her. This, of course, was high gospel on NPR and reported with earnest.

Such is life and times in these united states. As the country falls into decadence and irrelevancy, so do her institutions.
No more NPR.

Advice on How to Escape Crumbling Society and Farm Off-Grid

I can’t find the link to this article which I think was originally posted on I found it in some old notes and thought it might be of interest to someone. It is written by a man who transitioned from typical debt slave to off grid farming, and his advice for others wanting to do the same:

We decided to chuck it just as the 2008 market meltdown was in full swing. We had seen enough signs to know that whatever direction our society was headed, we wanted to get off. Some of the signs were big ones that few people missed; 9/11, Waco, TBTF. Others were more subtle; the PC movement, the tattoo thing, the sudden appearance of huge numbers of morbidly obese people everywhere, an increasing number of people with their heads fixed in abject submission to an electronic device, and an overall decline in civility even in places we had known all our lives. If this was the initial trajectory then we weren’t planning on being anywhere near the re-entry and splashdown.

Continue reading “Advice on How to Escape Crumbling Society and Farm Off-Grid”

A Short Note on the Reaction to the Free ‘Money’ Spewing forth from the Fed

When the Fed came out with the spending bazooka earlier in the pandemic, though it was reckless and destructive to the american people, many cheered. I talked with some of the cheerers about it and everyone of them were for the PPP loans to businesses. I heard the same thing from each of them, which went something like this: “Do you know what would have happened without the PPP loans? You can’t have millions of people unemployed and starving in the street.”

But with the weekly $600 unemployment benefits, which passed in the same bill, the people I spoke with were adamantly against it. “You can’t give free money out to the lazy, the slobs. It pisses me off.”

I find it interesting that they cheered the PPP giveaways to slob businesses but wanted to fight the “unemployed slobs” who received unemployment. Both policies are equally destructive to society, but the people I spoke with couldn’t grasp it.

What was the cause of this acceptance towards PPP and dislike toward UA? Simple jealousy? I don’t know, but leave it here as a curiosity.

As America Crumbles, Many Grow Closer To Becoming Barbarians

Sports fans growing more violent

As America falls this type of random, sporadic violence will continue to grow worse. Ol’ Remus said, “Stay away from crowds.” Keep those words close to you as this year proceeds. People are becoming chippy, ready to fight at a moments notice, usually over things that are trivial. Like getting the last box of cereal from the shelf, or a missed play in a sports game. Full story here:

‘It seems to be more extreme’: Violent sports fans are causing alarm at every level

“Are sports fans getting more aggressive, more abusive, more downright violent?

To Karissa Niehoff, the chief executive officer of the National Federation of State High School Associations, it sure seems that way.

“We’ve noticed, anecdotally, a rapid rise” in instances of aggressive or abusive behavior at high school sporting events, she said in a phone interview.

“It seems to be more frequent, and it seems to be more extreme,” she continued. “So it’s not just somebody was swearing at the official. We’re now having bench-clearing brawls at a greater number than we’ve seen. Physical assaults. … We’re just seeing, more commonly, a more extreme example of bad sportsmanship.”

Note on Using Gold as Money, as in a Parallel Society

I was buying some household goods recently, which totaled appx $2100, almost the exact value of an ounce of gold. The man I bought the goods from was a good guy, a small businessman. When it got time to pay I thought about paying him an ounce of gold for the goods, as a way to do a little part in helping to build a parallel society. And I thought, “No way.” The bad money has chased out all the good money. The gold was something, it represented something – there is real value in a gold coin. Fiat is garbage, I would rather give him the paper garbage if he was willing to take it. Granted, it is the current garbage de jour but garbage nonetheless. I paid with a credit card and drove on home.

This Is Our Time to Strut Upon the Stage

You spend your life reading about the tumultuous times throughout history. The great wars…booms and busts…and you think, “Wow, what a scene! It must have been great to live then, to be a part of the action.”

There is nothing fascinating about the destruction of America and the American people, but it is fascinating to watch the process. How inept leaders always do the wrong thing at the right time to keep the cascade going. They have literally no love for the people, and cannot see the beauty that would be unleashed by unchaining them. They just can’t get their own interests out of the way.

Equally fascinating is watching the people fall for the same tricks…over and over again. They have no clue about what is going on. Some say its a race war, some back the democrats, some riot, some back the republicans. All have an opinion, almost all are wrong. As everything around them falls, they bicker over trivialities.

To live in this time as america falls is fascinating.

Let us write about it for the future people.
Let us act.
This is our time to strut upon the stage.

On the Declining Abilities of Kids

I saw a friend yesterday and asked him what he had been doing.

“I’m coaching t-ball again in the 6 and under league,” he said.

“That sounds fun, how’s it going?” I asked.

“Well, the 6 and under league used to be the most fun age to coach, but the ability of the t-ballers has decreased so much since I began coaching 20 years ago that it has become just babysitting. 4 kids on one of my teams in the early 2000’s could regularly hit home runs, now I’m lucky to have one kid that can hit it out of the infield.”

“What do you think is the cause?” I asked.

“The problem is the parents. They don’t play with the kids anymore. They give them a screen to look at and then leave the kid alone. Let me ask you, when was the last time you saw kids playing ball in the front yard?”

I told him I didn’t think I’d ever seen kids playing ball in the front yard.

“Well there you go.”

I don’t know if this is true or if true what the cause is. But maybe the parents have to work so much to get by the last thing they want to do when they get off work is to play with the kids. Maybe just giving the kids a screen so the parents can go in the other room and look at their screen is the best option to unwind. I leave it here as a curiosity.