Notes From a Trip to the Lumber Store

I went to the local lumber store to pick up some building materials for a small project. Got to the checkout desk and there were a few older men and women working there. Taped flat to the counter were 2 signs, one in English and the other in Spanish, they both say something about being closed on memorial day.

So I start reading off the sign in spanish. I say, “I can’t believe you are ….” then proceed to read out the spanish sign. The guys at the counter kind of get the joke – in a way I’m making fun of them. Here we are in rural-ish america with multiple language signs. It’s a corporate outfit. So anyway I buy the wood and my co-worker goes to load it up in the yard. Meanwhile I go in the back room to buy other hardware. I get a few calls and end up being in the back room for about 15 minutes. I come out to buy the bolts and notice that on the counter where the two signs were, now there is only one English sign and someone had taped a paper over the spanish sign. It was an advertisement for an upcoming cook-out in town.

Anyway, notes from a trip to the lumber store.

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