Just Relax, Take It Easy! The Jimmy Buffettization of america

Take a vacation. Don’t work hard. Sit on the beach. They said the goal in life was to do as little as possible…retire early…do what pleases you.

Thus sums up the post World War II mentality. We fought and won the great war, now we can rest…we have reached a pleasant plateau. We can afford to take a few decades off and let slacken our morals. Then came the 60’s. We can free the women from raising children in the home…we can do drugs…we can base our money on fiat…we can date, and have relations without consequence…we can let the sordid become mainstream…we can put children in front of screens. Then came the 70’s and 80’s. Now look around –

But it is through proper and godly work that man is made better. One must always be diligent to maintain their little tiny portion of civilization. You can’t take a month off, much less a decade or multiple generations. Or you get what america got…a nation…gone with the wind.

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