On the Declining Abilities of Kids

I saw a friend yesterday and asked him what he had been doing.

“I’m coaching t-ball again in the 6 and under league,” he said.

“That sounds fun, how’s it going?” I asked.

“Well, the 6 and under league used to be the most fun age to coach, but the ability of the t-ballers has decreased so much since I began coaching 20 years ago that it has become just babysitting. 4 kids on one of my teams in the early 2000’s could regularly hit home runs, now I’m lucky to have one kid that can hit it out of the infield.”

“What do you think is the cause?” I asked.

“The problem is the parents. They don’t play with the kids anymore. They give them a screen to look at and then leave the kid alone. Let me ask you, when was the last time you saw kids playing ball in the front yard?”

I told him I didn’t think I’d ever seen kids playing ball in the front yard.

“Well there you go.”

I don’t know if this is true or if true what the cause is. But maybe the parents have to work so much to get by the last thing they want to do when they get off work is to play with the kids. Maybe just giving the kids a screen so the parents can go in the other room and look at their screen is the best option to unwind. I leave it here as a curiosity.

It is Fascinating What Is Happening in Commodity Markets

Many commodities are at all-time record highs, others are getting close. Whether the price increases abate and we can resume watching tv, or the prices skyrocket out of control and we go to full scale war in the streets is anyone’s guess. But it is fascinating watching the ignorant federal reserve masters lose control over their precious ‘markets’. Here is a link so you can watch the action.

The Beauty of Growing Older, Turning 40

When you’re 18, you think life goes on forever. At 40, you realize time moves.

An urgency sets in to do your best work, to get to the kernel of your life. To decide what you are all about, and to work on that exclusively. To give the world that which is most you. The most beauty you have inside yourself, that is what you want to work on, to polish it and give it to the world. Everything else fades away. Like the stone falling from the block, revealing David, you want your extra stone to fall away, leaving but the most beautiful sculpture.
This is what it is to turn 40.
A time of reflection.
Many want to go back and live again their lost youth. But I lived good then. I wouldn’t want to change it, though I had some setbacks and wasted years, because it made the man writing here today. And I love this man. I love my family. My power, my passions, my abilities. My light.

This is what I want to shine through.

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The People are Getting a Little Chippy Out There

Language alert. This is a hilarious video, especially after she rams the other lady’s car and shouts out the window “Better call a tow truck, but you’ve shut them all down in town.” Many people in society don’t know what is happening to them, they just know that everything is falling apart. Kind of a blissful ignorance meets reality situation. So they’re beginning to get a little chippy. Now’s a good time to stay away from crowds.

Then the after wreck:

There Are No More Birds In My Area

Mr. Friday Night: Movie Reviews

I’m changing it up this time…rather than a movie I am posting an interview of Dane Wigington about the geoengineering happening around the world. Truly a must watch…I just hope he’s wrong. I haven’t studied this subject at all but I do know that the number of birds I see daily has declined dramatically in the last 2 years. There used to be birds flying around all the time, now it is rare to even see one. Crows would make such a racket it was impossible to ignore. Cardinals would perch on the side mirrors of my car. Bluejays were everywhere. Mockingbirds were always chattering, chasing away other birds. Doves would fly up from the grass every time I walked in the yard. Now, nothing.

Oddly, on 2 occasions recently I saw lone pelicans flying above the trees. It was memorable because pelicans are water birds and rarely if ever fly over land. I remember looking up and thinking “what are these birds doing?” Both times they seemed confused as to where they were going, like they were lost. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe not.

I don’t know if this is a part of a natural cycle or if something more nefarious is going on, as Wigington suggests. But there are dramatically less birds in my area. Insects too. When was the last time you had to scrap the love bugs off the front of your car? What are you seeing in your area – are there less birds and insects? Dane Wigington has incredible analysis in the interview below:

Mencken’s Libido for the Ugly – 2022 Update

Mencken coined a term for the innate desire of americans for ugly things. Even when the beautiful is easier to achieve, the american will still choose ugliness, and even prefers it. This trait appears to be almost distinctly american, for this libido was less apparent in cultures of the past. Look at the art of the past, the buildings, the ships, furniture, clothing, even weapons of war, the buildings, the churches. Beauty abounded.

But in these modern times, Mencken’s idea is alive and well, spreading faster – and with more gusto. It has become virtually the sole goal of american society.

To begin our tour of ugly look no further than new houses, which are almost all exactly alike. They have the same drab design and are constructed of the same poor quality materials. Thin concrete, chipboard plywood, pressed wood cabinets, and water paint. 3 years after construction they look like they are 20 years old. Not only is the design and build quality of new homes poor, but they are being constructed on smaller and smaller plots of land. There is nowhere to walk, no space, no beauty of the earth to be a part of, no nature but a few sprigs of grass and an ornamental tree.

The suburbs. Shunning beauty, the designers of suburbs went with wide roads and tiny lots. Drive around a suburb and you will see they were built for the motorist to speed around, not for the community of the place. Roads, by their nature, are ugly. No where to walk or bike or golf cart around. No where to let a kid skip to a neighbors or relatives home, maybe through the trees. These are the things that make up a part of a community – the connections to others. The hideous design of the ‘burbs make it almost impossible.

The shopping strip malls. Perhaps this is the most efficient design, cheapest to build and easiest to get approved by building departments. Life to builders and developers is about efficiency -how can we cram the most sq ft on a property to maximize income and how to do it the cheapest possible way? Thus the strip malls were born. Without doubt, a great ugliness. But the investors are happy!

The retention/mosquito ponds. I’ve seen developments with upwards of 50% of the land being used as retention ponds. Who doesn’t like to look at putrid sewer water with trash floating around in it? All new developments are required to have this eyesore. It is guaranteed ugliness on every new building! A built in fail-safe to protect society against beauty.

The corporate sameness that has spread like gangrene across america. The new travel book of america will feature the walmarts, wendys, and nail salons of all the towns in america. Welcome to Boise Idaho, here is our mcdonalds, an architectural marvel. People come from all over the world to see this waffle house, this publix. These companies have taken over modern america and thus we are saddled with the ugliness of these buildings en masse throughout the land. Ugly has gone nationwide. This is a new development since Mencken’s time.

Modern art, what more is there to say? Where are the Rembrandts? Those who might have the talent for true artistic works of beauty go into digital art, designing websites, logos and billboards, drawing comic books. Why? Because in America it’s all for commerce, all the time.

The droll thump of the repeating bass line, the clanging of drums, the shrill screech of the electric guitar. The boorish typecast voice. The same 3 musical chords, the plain melody created by a workman at a computer. Music is made to be local, and distinct, not bland and universal. There is nothing bland about the polka, or Beethoven, or the great choral hymns. All created at different times in history and in widely different places. They were unique and beautiful. They didn’t sell very many albums.

I have to give credit to the man who invented one of the ugliest devices in the pantheon of human inventions. The beeper on construction equipment. Only the most vile of fools would create something so ugly, and only the most vile governments would mandate it on every piece of construction equipment throughout the land. Now, on virtually any square foot of property in america, one hears the shrill, endless beeping of construction equipment. In a civilized society these beepers would be destroyed within 10 minutes of activation. But in america they are mandated, approved. The ugliness must be heard, it must be broadcast over the land, like a great whine ode to ugliness. It is a steady reminder to americans that they live in the land of ugly.

Light pollution
No designer has yet to learn that a light shining in the eyes is an unpleasant light. The light which shines directly down, casting light on the area intended to be lit is a beautiful use of light. Flood lights shining in all directions is ugly. But that is what we have in america.

That which the american has a hand in creating, for whatever reason, maybe for efficiency, or to satisfy the requirements of building commissions, zoning boards and other such swine, is ugly. This libido has not abated since Mencken’s time, but has gained in popularity and momentum. It has been enshrined in the law books, codes and decrees. It has become an everlasting trait of the americano.


But let us not be too sour over the abounding hideousness of our country. This is our america, ugly and repugnant as she might be. There is still beauty. Buildings from the past, even some modern ones. Some churches. Some cities are beautiful. And there is much natural beauty, parts of Maine and Florida, the entire west coast’s cliffs and dunes and beaches. The high mountains and grand forests. Locally, there is still family, and love in the heart.

And so, in the end, to counteract the ugliness of our times, we must develop our own libido for beauty. As Thoreau said, “Perception of beauty is a moral test.” We must be the beauty, in everything we do, in all of our words and actions – our love for neighbors, our homes, our marriage, our very lives. Counteract the ugliness by living to elevate the beautiful.

Donald Trump – The Golden Toad

I watched a clip of Alex Jones from his election night 2016 broadcast, as trump was declared winner. Jones was in his cups, somewhat elated, somewhat downcast. As the TV in the studio played live video of the president-elect, jones asked if trump was the “golden toad”.

I don’t think Jones was saying anything in particular, just riffing. But after 4 years of the presidency, it is clear that jones’s off-hand comment was right, trump was a golden toad.

So many are still hoodwinked by trump, so many still want to believe. This is some form of stockholm syndrome, where the abused come to love even more the abuser. But let us look briefly at the toad’s record:

*12+ trillion fiat bucks printed. I saw a recent study which said something like 84%+ of the fed bucks went to the 1%, the little guy got the rest. But what wasn’t mentioned is the soaring costs the little guy is forced to pay, for the rest of his life.

*He loved to speak about obamas big glorious economic bubble. But under trump, the same policies were in place and expanded further, yet it was not a bubble but the “greatest economy in the history of the world”.

*He stands on his warp speed vax. In trumps mind the vax is the pinnacle of his presidency, but he was either fooled by the pharmaceutical companies and other assorted flim flam artists or he was in on the scam. Either way, a glorious buffoon.

*Blew vast quantities of money on the military industrial complex.

*Did nothing to slow abortion in the US.

*Shut down churches on Easter.

But none of these facts will change the mind of the maga morons. They wanted trump in the presidential reality show and they got him, strutting and prancing upon the stage. He big talked to everyone, said how he would fire this guy or ram this legislation. But in the end, he did nothing but talk.

His name is writ in water. He will be remembered to history as a mere placeholder, someone who not only didn’t help america and her people but actively pushed the once great country closer to ruin.
He was the great Golden Toad.

A trip to the distopia that is Lowes

I had to go to Lowes yesterday to grab an air filer, and it felt unwelcoming and inhuman…almost dystopic.

Of course, everyone was cowed and wearing the mask of submission. Driving up in their car, in the parking lot etc…almost total submission and compliance. I had to return an item and waited in the 6’ spaced social distance line, though I like crowding the guy in front of me to see if I can garner a reaction. None today. I get to the plexiglass and the lady has to bark at me to be heard over her mask and around the plexi. She’s huffing and puffing after the ordeal of talking.

After the return I grab the filter and head to check out. There was one cashier open and with the social distancing the line stretched almost down an entire aisle. So I went to the self checkout. The first thing you notice is the CCTV screen one foot in front of your face, showing a close up image of your face. It is an advanced operation, flashing white and red. A white box frames your face at all times. As you move, the box moves to keep your face centered. On the top of the screen, in bold flashing red letters are the words “You Are Being Recorded”. A very friendly experience there.

I mentioned to the self checkout assistant as I left that the CCTV screen with a large image of your face and the red flashing command was a revolutionary advancement in customer service…she said, “we do it to stop the shoplifters.” I noted to her that that doesn’t stop shoplifting and only makes the 99% of non-shoplifters feel like criminals. She looked at me and shrugged, having given herself fully into the new world. I walked out.

All in all it was a very dehumanizing experience. The people aren’t helpful (though they haven’t been for some time). The clerks were mostly middle aged, stern looking women. A general feeling of oppression filled the air, and smelled like things to come.

We are the 99% Protest Song Chords and Lyrics

Protest gold, written by Darren Nesbitt/Darren Smith of Manchester England. Here is the video, with chords and lyrics below. (Note that Mr. Smith plays it in the key of A. I transcribed it in G…if you want to play along to the video put the capo on the second fret.)

You can play it fast or slow, it fits any style. Use capo to get in the right key for your voice then play it everywhere. Spread the message. This is one of the greatest songs ever written.

Here is video on how to play the rhythm and melody. Tab for the melody is on the bottom of the page.

Here are the lyrics. I added the G7 and C7 chords as I play it in the video above, but they are optional. Thanks for all the great comments and feedback, you all give everyone hope for the future. If you are so inclined, buy my book of poetry from the link in the About page. Now to the chords and lyrics:

(G) You can stick your new world order up your ass

You can stick your new world order up your (D) ass

(G) You can stick your new world (G7) order, where the (C) sun don’t shine but (C7) oughta

(G) You can stick your new world (D) order up your (G) ass

Chorus (repeat after every verse):

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