Donald Trump – The Golden Toad

I watched a clip of Alex Jones from his election night 2016 broadcast, as trump was declared winner. Jones was in his cups, somewhat elated, somewhat downcast. As the TV in the studio played live video of the president-elect, jones asked if trump was the “golden toad”.

I don’t think Jones was saying anything in particular, just riffing. But after 4 years of the presidency, it is clear that jones’s off-hand comment was right, trump was a golden toad.

So many are still hoodwinked by trump, so many still want to believe. This is some form of stockholm syndrome, where the abused come to love even more the abuser. But let us look briefly at the toad’s record:

*12+ trillion fiat bucks printed. I saw a recent study which said something like 84%+ of the fed bucks went to the 1%, the little guy got the rest. But what wasn’t mentioned is the soaring costs the little guy is forced to pay, for the rest of his life.

*He loved to speak about obamas big glorious economic bubble. But under trump, the same policies were in place and expanded further, yet it was not a bubble but the “greatest economy in the history of the world”.

*He stands on his warp speed vax. In trumps mind the vax is the pinnacle of his presidency, but he was either fooled by the pharmaceutical companies and other assorted flim flam artists or he was in on the scam. Either way, a glorious buffoon.

*Blew vast quantities of money on the military industrial complex.

*Did nothing to slow abortion in the US.

*Shut down churches on Easter.

But none of these facts will change the mind of the maga morons. They wanted trump in the presidential reality show and they got him, strutting and prancing upon the stage. He big talked to everyone, said how he would fire this guy or ram this legislation. But in the end, he did nothing but talk.

His name is writ in water. He will be remembered to history as a mere placeholder, someone who not only didn’t help america and her people but actively pushed the once great country closer to ruin.
He was the great Golden Toad.

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