How Corporate Stores Impoverish Cities

Corporate is building one of the chain tire stores in my town, which was allowed of course by the great overseers on the building committee or zoning dept or whatever hideous name they use. Besides already having many tire shops in town, we needed more. Especially a corporate chain store. What they don’t understand is that corporate chain businesses impoverish an area by hoovering the money out of the local economy and sending it off to NYC, Charlotte or some other banker town. The zoning dept thinks that they get a nice looking, new building for the town…increased property taxes…and a few low paying service jobs. They don’t see that the business doesn’t add to a community…no one goes there to hang out and meet with others, talk, have coffee.

I once was going to write a travel book of america. In it I would document the areas and businesses of american towns. I could go to Des Moines and photograph the mcdonalds, wendys, wal marts, chain hotels and tire shops in the town. Then go to Tulsa and document the same. The same blandness, squatted across the land. Giving nothing back but a few low paid jobs…sucking the money from the local economy and sending it to corporate, impoverishing a people.

But such is life in a centrally planned economy…where those closest to power get access to virtually free money…and the little folk get access to a few thousand in credit card debt at 20+% interest…while their civilization is wiped out.

How to Become Rich…and Why It’s the Last Thing to Want

Nothing is sacred for a businessman. Everyday is a good day to acquire more money. It is their god – to get more money. All other values are below that of acquiring more money.

I’ve known a few wealthy people throughout my life…and to a man…they were uninteresting…plain…dull. There was nothing to separate them from anyone else, except they had acquired more money. None of them could play sweet music…or sing…or philosophize.

Why you don’t want to be rich

You have to have certain values and principles to become rich in the corrupted american society. You have to be like the rich. So what are they like? Let’s look:

Musk – owns a company that makes money getting handouts from the government…a’la carbon credits. A pure legalese scam. A man who has 6 kids with his wife and then abandons them.

Bezos – the richest man in the world, has a lovely family, abandons them for a plastic looking woman.

Zuckerberg – helping to destroy communities and friendship by moving it online. He moves to Hawaii and is detested by his neighbors. Now he has graduated up to limiting speech and the free expression thereof

Buffett – a doddering old man who spent his life accumulating money. When he dies he wants to give it all away. So what was the point then?

Bill Gross – a man who sprayed fart spray around his house in order to infuriate his ex wife. Clever I suppose for a child…but for an american billionaire tycoon?

In order to be rich in america you must be a moral infant. Don’t be like them. Money enough to be comfortable? Sure. But to make wads of lucre in a corrupt society you too must be a bland, easily corrupted weakling.

I remember reading about one of the richest men in American history…J.P. Morgan. If I recall correctly, he owned a large house in New York City. As he grew older he and his wife traveled the world, buying knickknacks everywhere they went. When he died they went to clean out his beautiful, ornate home and found that it was stuffed with doodads and other trash collected from all over the world. Much of it was thrown out, some went to museums.

This man, J.P. Morgan, helped to create the Federal Reserve…which to this day continues to enslave americans en masse. He did this so he could grow richer and in his retirement travel around and buy garbage the world over. The idea is almost unfathomable to me. To gain all the power money can buy…to be the highest ideal of an american one can be in being fabulously wealthy…so that you can stuff your house with garbage. This is what it is to be rich.

The Federal Reserve is Destroying Everything You Love

Only a few people understand what the federal reserve is doing to americans. Others are trying to get their investments lined up to profit. Some weakly say the Fed is creating ‘moral hazard’.

No, what the Fed has been and is currently doing is destroying people’s lives. People you know…people you love…have had their lives destroyed because of counterfeit fiat currency.

This destruction is subtle, yet ever present. Take inflation – prices rise, faster than wages, impoverishing a people over time. Wage inflation destroys jobs…by making foreign labor cheaper…thus the 30+ years of offshoring and loss of american jobs.

Take the synthetic boom bust business cycle, which determine winners and losers based on fed policy. How can one make long term business decisions based on the actions of political apparatchiks? They can’t…most business decisions are but guesswork now…will the fed raise rates, lower rates, pump in more money, let it collapse? Who knows. Business becomes a grab-whatever-you-can frenzy in the short run.

Take asset prices rising as an example, crushing the young…who have few assets, but must pay evermore to buy them.

People deciding to get married or not…have families or not…start businesses…the millions of seemingly small decisions being made every day based on corrupted data. People’s lives are molded by the economic circumstances of the times…and when they have to make decisions based on corrupt data it creates a weakness in the decisions.

Many hold out hope that some great crash is going to happen, and after the crash the wrongs can be righted…a society based on sound money can be created. But they are missing the point. The crash happened 100+ years ago…and the destruction has been ongoing ever since. These decisions made on bad data, manifest into our american culture. Such is why and how our culture has been hollowed out, and made weak and flabby.

These comments from zerohedge give a glimpse into the destruction caused by the fed:

Tedstr wrote: “My daughter broke her lease last week and is moving home. Hard worker trying to get some kind of career going. Totally lost now.”

Vtec: “im a millenial and i have an okay paying job (for now..) and i just moved home as well. things are going to get lot worse before they get better. the elites know our whole way of life is not sustainable and are just demolishing it

What Vtec doesn’t understand is that a great way of life is sustainable, but that way of life must be built on the things which allow for long term greatness – the teachings of Jesus Christ, individual and economic freedom, and money that cannot be counterfeited.

Hotrod: “I know lets go back to 2008 and anyone thats been damaged by some economic financial cluster **** will be made whole.  My entire life got ****** back then and never recovered and I WANT SOME MONEY TOO.

Space-Peanut: “This is for you, Dad.

I remember when the housing collapse sent a torpedo through my family. My father’s concrete company collapsed almost overnight. My father lost his home. My uncle lost his home. I remember my brother helping my father count pocket change on our kitchen table. That was all the money he had left in the world. While this was happening in my home, I saw hedge funders literally drinking champagne as they looked down on the Occupy Wall Street protestors. I will never forget that.

My Father never recovered from that blow. He fell deeper and deeper into alcoholism and exists now as a shell of his former self, waiting for death.

This is all the money I have and I’d rather lose it all than give them what they need to destroy me. Taking money from me won’t hurt me, because i don’t value it at all. I’ll burn it all down just to spite them.

This is for you, Dad.

The political actions have now warped society so drastically that not 1 in 100 can see what has happened. But more are waking up daily. They see the apparatus is not set up to benefit them, but to enslave them. They see the people around them with less free time…growing poorer…with little freedom or power…subject to whatever the government wishes to do to him.

How long will they pull the yoke?

A trip to the distopia that is Lowes

I had to go to Lowes yesterday to grab an air filer, and it felt unwelcoming and inhuman…almost dystopic.

Of course, everyone was cowed and wearing the mask of submission. Driving up in their car, in the parking lot etc…almost total submission and compliance. I had to return an item and waited in the 6’ spaced social distance line, though I like crowding the guy in front of me to see if I can garner a reaction. None today. I get to the plexiglass and the lady has to bark at me to be heard over her mask and around the plexi. She’s huffing and puffing after the ordeal of talking.

After the return I grab the filter and head to check out. There was one cashier open and with the social distancing the line stretched almost down an entire aisle. So I went to the self checkout. The first thing you notice is the CCTV screen one foot in front of your face, showing a close up image of your face. It is an advanced operation, flashing white and red. A white box frames your face at all times. As you move, the box moves to keep your face centered. On the top of the screen, in bold flashing red letters are the words “You Are Being Recorded”. A very friendly experience there.

I mentioned to the self checkout assistant as I left that the CCTV screen with a large image of your face and the red flashing command was a revolutionary advancement in customer service…she said, “we do it to stop the shoplifters.” I noted to her that that doesn’t stop shoplifting and only makes the 99% of non-shoplifters feel like criminals. She looked at me and shrugged, having given herself fully into the new world. I walked out.

All in all it was a very dehumanizing experience. The people aren’t helpful (though they haven’t been for some time). The clerks were mostly middle aged, stern looking women. A general feeling of oppression filled the air, and smelled like things to come.

This isn’t Moral Hazard, it’s War

“Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.”

I keep seeing the idea that what the Fed is doing is creating ‘moral hazard’. But what they’re doing is not moral hazard – it is a war crime. They’re not helping Americans in any way, and are instead actively destroying them and their American civilization. At some point people have to understand fully what is being done to them and their society. The people around them, the people they love, those who will come after them are being systematically destroyed and the best people can muster is a softly spoken, “moral hazard.”

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