The Most Joyful People I’ve Ever Seen

So you want to be joyful…

The world tells us that in order to be happy we need to make lots of money, be retired, travel the world, eat great food and drink expensive wine, wear luxurious clothes and drive fancy cars.

But look at these cloistered nuns. They literally own nothing. They have no money, no property. They never travel, they never even leave the convent. They eat minimally, sleep in small cots. They’re beggars. Yet they are the most joyful people I’ve ever seen.

Someone has been lying to us. The powers that be say we need a big house, go to the best schools, invest wisely, plan for retirement. They’re wrong. All you have to do is follow the King, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Forget about the world, live for God and never take our eyes off of Him.

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