Coming home from the Gulag

Ilya Repin, They Did Not Expect Him

I love this painting…showing a father unexpectedly showing up at home after political exile in Siberia…with the whole family in various shades of shock upon seeing him. From the housekeepers waiting to see how everyone will react, to the wife, to the apprehensive little girl, to the boy about to be overcome with joy. What a scene.
From “They Did Not Expect Him is the dramatic and emotional homecoming of an Unexpected Visitor, the alternative title of this piece. Ilya Repin’s amazing scene dates from around 1883 and was painted as an oil on canvas.”

A trip to the distopia that is Lowes

I had to go to Lowes yesterday to grab an air filer, and it felt unwelcoming and inhuman…almost dystopic.

Of course, everyone was cowed and wearing the mask of submission. Driving up in their car, in the parking lot etc…almost total submission and compliance. I had to return an item and waited in the 6’ spaced social distance line, though I like crowding the guy in front of me to see if I can garner a reaction. None today. I get to the plexiglass and the lady has to bark at me to be heard over her mask and around the plexi. She’s huffing and puffing after the ordeal of talking.

After the return I grab the filter and head to check out. There was one cashier open and with the social distancing the line stretched almost down an entire aisle. So I went to the self checkout. The first thing you notice is the CCTV screen one foot in front of your face, showing a close up image of your face. It is an advanced operation, flashing white and red. A white box frames your face at all times. As you move, the box moves to keep your face centered. On the top of the screen, in bold flashing red letters are the words “You Are Being Recorded”. A very friendly experience there.

I mentioned to the self checkout assistant as I left that the CCTV screen with a large image of your face and the red flashing command was a revolutionary advancement in customer service…she said, “we do it to stop the shoplifters.” I noted to her that that doesn’t stop shoplifting and only makes the 99% of non-shoplifters feel like criminals. She looked at me and shrugged, having given herself fully into the new world. I walked out.

All in all it was a very dehumanizing experience. The people aren’t helpful (though they haven’t been for some time). The clerks were mostly middle aged, stern looking women. A general feeling of oppression filled the air, and smelled like things to come.

WATSON Documentary Review – Mr. Friday Night

Here at Man and War we appreciate those people who stand up for what they believe in, regardless of if we feel their position is correct or not. It is the act of standing up which is beautiful. Captain Paul Watson is one of those guys. You gotta appreciate his determination in achieving his goals…willing to do virtually anything to protect whales…up to and including ramming Japanese whaling vessels on the high seas.

The film chronicles Watson’s life…from his early days protecting whales (He helped found PETA, then was pushed out of the group for being too radical)…as the founder of Sea Shepard (which was popularized on the show “Whale Wars) to the present time. Currently he lives in hiding from multiple governments, especially the Japanese, who have an interpol warrant out for him for multiple violations of interfering in their whaling activities. Good show about a good man.

****4 of 4 stars

Find it on Animal Planet

January in America

Jan 2021 is shaping up to be quite the month
*a stolen and contested election. Tweedledee ‘stoled’ it from tweedledum
with probable commie takeover revolution
*tenants owe landlords, landlords owe banks, eviction and foreclosure moratoriums extended until 3/31
*inflation ripping – almost every good is at all time highs
*the single most ignorant group of congress to ever hold office
*small businesses closing at record rates
*big companies laying off by the thousands
*untested ‘vaccine’ being unleashed on a weak populace
*’2nd wave’ of fake virus that at least some have figured out
*populace pissed about many things and spoiling for a fight
*communication channels controlled by rabid technocrat communists
*a gutted american manufacturing industry, reliance on asian goods via record trade deficits
*A gutted, hollowed out economy

a federal reserve committed to printing endless money for wall street welfare, while the little people deal with the effects – 500k gets you a small 3/2 cottage

Everyone looking at the system, not creating their own systems

Patience during a Bubble, Or, “The Fine Art of Snoring” as Nock wrote.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is have patience. You want in…when the whole world is grabbing at something, making it seem like the greatest sure-fire thing in the world to do, it’s easy to get caught up with the herd. Maybe the herd is right and you miss out on a great opportunity, or maybe you remain solvent when it goes bust. I’d miss a date with the Queen if something didn’t feel right about it, and something doesn’t feel right with economic markets. Now is a time to sit back and quietly wait for the opportunity, focus your attention on things that interest you and ignore the world. I could definitely be wrong…but I try to stay away from baubles, and practice the art of patience.

Home Prices are Now Soaring at “4.5 Times The Fed’s Inflation Target In All US Cities”

As I said in my last post: Once people realize that prices are moving higher in earnest, they will dump cash even faster, pushing prices even higher.

At some point, the people will understand that the Fed has been, is and will continue destroying their society and entire civilization. How long it takes for them to realize this is unknown.

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Now the Price of Collectibles are Ripping Higher

The frenzy begins. Martin Armstrong is reporting that the price of collectibles – including a first edition Batman comic, along with many types of rare coins are breaking records. “People are starting to dump the cash…”

Once people realize that prices are moving higher in earnest, they will dump cash even faster, pushing prices even higher.

U.S. Trade Deficit Measured in Gold

In November 2020 the US trade deficit was $68.1 billion. Paid in gold the US would have to send 2.45 million pounds or 35.77 million ounces per month to foreign countries to cover the deficit.

The US currently has $484 billion or 262 million ounces in gold. Fort Knox alone has 147 million ounces of gold.

At the current rate the US would deplete the gold in Fort Knox in 4 months and all of America’s gold in 7.5 months.

What does this mean? I guess not much…until the flim-flam of fiat for real goods goes bust. The paper based system works because the countries receiving the paper dollar in payment can turn around and spend that paper to buy goods…oil, land, machinery etc. Nothing will change unless the value of the dollar drops dramatically…then the countries will want some usable good as payment…either a product produced in America…maybe a national forest or two…or America’s store of monetary metals. The US would have to clean out fort knox to pay the foreigners…which would work for a few months. Then what? War?

Because America produces little in the way of actual goods, if something were to break regarding international relations, Americans would be getting a lot less stuff and paying more for that which they do get. It is a precarious situation.

If you want to make money in future America, manufacture a usable good that people need.