WATSON Documentary Review – Mr. Friday Night

Here at Man and War we appreciate those people who stand up for what they believe in, regardless of if we feel their position is correct or not. It is the act of standing up which is beautiful. Captain Paul Watson is one of those guys. You gotta appreciate his determination in achieving his goals…willing to do virtually anything to protect whales…up to and including ramming Japanese whaling vessels on the high seas.

The film chronicles Watson’s life…from his early days protecting whales (He helped found PETA, then was pushed out of the group for being too radical)…as the founder of Sea Shepard (which was popularized on the show “Whale Wars) to the present time. Currently he lives in hiding from multiple governments, especially the Japanese, who have an interpol warrant out for him for multiple violations of interfering in their whaling activities. Good show about a good man.

****4 of 4 stars

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