January in America

Jan 2021 is shaping up to be quite the month
*a stolen and contested election. Tweedledee ‘stoled’ it from tweedledum
with probable commie takeover revolution
*tenants owe landlords, landlords owe banks, eviction and foreclosure moratoriums extended until 3/31
*inflation ripping – almost every good is at all time highs
*the single most ignorant group of congress to ever hold office
*small businesses closing at record rates
*big companies laying off by the thousands
*untested ‘vaccine’ being unleashed on a weak populace
*’2nd wave’ of fake virus that at least some have figured out
*populace pissed about many things and spoiling for a fight
*communication channels controlled by rabid technocrat communists
*a gutted american manufacturing industry, reliance on asian goods via record trade deficits
*A gutted, hollowed out economy

a federal reserve committed to printing endless money for wall street welfare, while the little people deal with the effects – 500k gets you a small 3/2 cottage

Everyone looking at the system, not creating their own systems

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