“What will Prevail? – Freedom or Tyranny?…”

By Clive Maund. Long read, but worth it:

2020 will go down as the year that the New World Order (NWO for short), after many years of building up to it, declared full on war against the rest of humanity, and since this war kicked off with an unprecedented “shock and awe” campaign it definitely got off to a flying start.

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January in America

Jan 2021 is shaping up to be quite the month
*a stolen and contested election. Tweedledee ‘stoled’ it from tweedledum
with probable commie takeover revolution
*tenants owe landlords, landlords owe banks, eviction and foreclosure moratoriums extended until 3/31
*inflation ripping – almost every good is at all time highs
*the single most ignorant group of congress to ever hold office
*small businesses closing at record rates
*big companies laying off by the thousands
*untested ‘vaccine’ being unleashed on a weak populace
*’2nd wave’ of fake virus that at least some have figured out
*populace pissed about many things and spoiling for a fight
*communication channels controlled by rabid technocrat communists
*a gutted american manufacturing industry, reliance on asian goods via record trade deficits
*A gutted, hollowed out economy

a federal reserve committed to printing endless money for wall street welfare, while the little people deal with the effects – 500k gets you a small 3/2 cottage

Everyone looking at the system, not creating their own systems

Quotes from Men who Stood on the Moon

Freeman’s Perspective has an article here with these interesting quotes from men who have walked on the moon:

It was to me like I was just sitting on a rocking chair on a Friday evening, looking back home, sitting on God’s front porch, looking back at the Earth; looking back home. It was really that simple, but it was an overpowering experience.
Gene Cernan, Apollo 17

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This isn’t Moral Hazard, it’s War

“Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.”

I keep seeing the idea that what the Fed is doing is creating ‘moral hazard’. But what they’re doing is not moral hazard – it is a war crime. They’re not helping Americans in any way, and are instead actively destroying them and their American civilization. At some point people have to understand fully what is being done to them and their society. The people around them, the people they love, those who will come after them are being systematically destroyed and the best people can muster is a softly spoken, “moral hazard.”

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Digital Currency is Complete Destruction

A digital currency is cat nip to central planners. They can’t resist this temptation.

The future holds even less power for individuals and more power for the government, and the ability to gain more power over the people through the use of a digital currency is almost unlimited. Certainly the plans have been made, the system in place, now they wait for the opportunity.

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Mencken on Epidemics

Typhoid raged all summer, smallpox all winter, malaria at all times of the year.

I haven’t written about the affects of Covid mainly because government, once it has all the power, can do anything it wants. It is almost of no interest, as the lock downs are but one in a string of heinous things the government has done and will continue to do, until mankind comes to understand that the individual is worth something. Power in the hands of the state destroys people’s lives and the Covid lock down is a wonderful example of this.

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We Are All Government Workers Now

Government takes over the economy

The latest headline from marketwatch.com: “Service side of the U.S. economy crashes in April to recession levels, ISM shows”

“Only two of the 18 service industries tracked by ISM — government and finance — grew in April…The other 16 industries all shrank.”

This data shows what is happening – the government is taking over the entire economy. Only industries that serve the interests of the government will be supported.

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The End of the American System of Government

The Northern system of government has failed…but they’ll fight to the bitter end to keep it going.

Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner from wirepoints.org has put together population and wealth movement data between states from 2010-2018. In it they find:

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