The Fools Run the Show in America

Their names are writ in water

The last several presidents are but placeholders, whose names are writ in water, forever to be forgotten. Like Augustus Claudius the 3rd, they never did anything for the people. They never did anything worthwhile, merely carrying on the same imbecilities of the past. History will forget them.

The presidents of the future will be but more Claudiuses. Captains ahelm while the ship steadily, relentlessly sinks. Some causing the great ship to list this way or that. Others hopelessly bilging.

The Americans turned they gaze to their leaders and hoisted them upon pedestals. They fought and argued endlessly amongst each other. They cared about voting and other pointless trivialities. But they forgot the two things a society must remember – that following Christ, and having free people are the keys to success. Once the freedom of individual people is circumscribed to the great state, the ship of society starts leaking. This is followed by decades, centuries of dissolution until the society is so plagued that all hope in her is lost. It is finally sunk, and discarded. To be rebuilt again only when situated upon the bedrock of Christ and His teachings.

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