The Decline of NPR Mirrors the Decline of America

At various times in my life I have listened to npr on local public radio stations. They covered stories with more depth than other outlets, and I didn’t have to listen to the endless ads.

Now it seems the place is infested with people who find great mystery and fascination with the lower order of things.

I can’t listen for more than a minute without such stories on gender inequality, abortion, psychotics or some other perversion. I recall a program where a woman worked for a man in NYC. The man made a run at the lady, in less than gentlemanly ways, yet still within modern male protocol. The lady said she was so aghast at the pass that she began to overeat, gained 25 pounds and had various other ailments – skin rashes and pimples – because a man made a pass at her. This, of course, was high gospel on NPR and reported with earnest.

Such is life and times in these united states. As the country falls into decadence and irrelevancy, so do her institutions.
No more NPR.

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