Trudeau-Castro has 2 Options to End the Trucker Strike – Give Up or go Full Totalitarian

Whatever will he do?

The state hates anyone that stands up to them, as the purpose of the state is to broadcast their power over the land, and any group who challenges that power must be put down by any means. Usually, they are put down with violence. Why violence? Because it works. They want to crush all resistance, lest the other plebs get any ideas.

Thus the ever increasing move towards totalitarianism over time. Each threat is met with more rules, more violence, increasing state power and growing tyranny.

Take America for example. What began as almost limitless freedom under the Articles of the Confederation became the myriad rules of the Constitution, the Whiskey Rebellion, then the Civil War, creation of the Fed, endless taxes, fondling at all the airports, new security agencies, forced medical experimentation and now complete surveillance. This is the march of tyranny. Hanging out on a bridge somewhere for a few weeks isn’t going to turn back that tide.

It is worth mentioning the last line of the Declaration of Independence “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

Not to dismiss the actions of protestors but pledging a few weeks holed up in a truck or a couple day march is weak medicine. If that doesn’t work, what do you do, go home and say you tried? Then live as slaves and hand down the burden to your children?

Expect a swift, forceful, tyrannical response from the government of Canada towards the truckers and any others that oppose them. This is the way of government, and the way forward for all of Canada and the rest of the world. The steady march towards tyranny.

This is another episode that the people will learn from. They will gradually realize the power and ruthlessness of their foe. And until the people of Canada (if they choose revolution) are ready to pledge their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor”…they will only know more tyranny.

But that’s revolution…and revolution is not the best way to change the world. Read my article on The 4 Options a Man has in the Modern World to understand a better way.

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