Why are My Bills Going Up?

I was talking with a friend recently and they mentioned how all the locals in the area are up in arms about the increase in their electric bills. She sent me this screenshot as an example. So I asked what everyone thought the problem was. She said some thought it had to do with a backroom deal between the governor, state senators and the power company. Others thought it was just greedy capitalists, or the ignorant president. Not one of them mentioned the fed.

I told her she should comment back, “I know exactly why your bills are going up:

The fed has been printing money with reckless abandon for decades. They printed 9 trillion dollars in the last 2 years alone. There is no conspiracy, no back room deals. Just simple economics.”

Unfortunately, inflation is going to continue to increase…your bills will continue to go up until you are broke and desperate. Then the gov will try price controls, which will make the power supply spotty. They are trying to destroy you and american civilization.

That is why your bills are going up.

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