What Happened to the Trucker Convoy?

I guess the USA trucker convoy has disbanded. They made a small stir, driving from California, tooting horns and hollering. “We’re going to clog up the beltway!” “We want to negotiate!” and other such drivel. Then they got to DC and folded. I’ve tried to find out why they folded so quickly but there isn’t any info on the internet. It appears they simply just gave up and drove home.

One has to give the trucker convoy some marks for the appearance of strength. They looked strong, they gave the appearance of strength – flags whipping in the wind, idiots giving speeches. But in the end, it was mere sound and fury.

I guess they saw all the Canadian truckers go to prison camps and decided it wasn’t worth it. They quietly went home and are now moving vegetables to the local Kroger along route 65. They turn up the radio on a freedom song. They’re dreaming dreams of revolt, as they yield to oncoming traffic.

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