Wheat Belly – Book Review – Must Read

Got health problems? There’s a good chance it’s from wheat.

It is impossible to summarize the depth of knowledge contained in Wheat Belly by William Davis. It is a seemingly silly title that hides the wealth of information within. You must read it.

Wheat is everywhere and in everything. It is recommended by the health pyramid to eat tons of whole grain wheat. But wheat is terrible for the human body. It causes all types of disease and decreases the quality of life for virtually all who eat it. Mr. Davis details all of the destructive qualities of wheat. He gives many examples of people who stopped eating wheat and the resulting positive changes they had in their health. More energy, lower BMI, less fogginess…diabetes and many other illnesses gone.

He also discusses what to eat instead, which is straightforward – vegetables, some fruits, meats, cheeses, nuts, etc.

He includes six things to do to supplement and further improve your health.

He finishes the book with wheat belly reducing recipes.

Quit eating wheat in any form and the quality of your life will improve…get rid of your wheat belly.

5 out of 5 stars. Stop what you’re doing and read it.

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