When Does Full Banana Republic Status Begin in America?

Certainly, we are close. But open, rampant theft is still covered up by those committing it. For instance, fed members and those in congress ‘trade stocks’ for profit. Certainly with insider information, for they are the insiders setting policy which affect the stock markets. They make money through these stock trades as a way to cast an air of fraudlessness to an obviously fraudulent activity. 3 fed governors have resigned for this behavior. It is a scandal-less scandal, for no one cared about the scandal.

The next step will be open, flagrant fraud and theft. You will know america has gone full banana republic when those in power don’t care to maintain any semblance of fraud-less activities. When they don’t hide the obvious theft. There was no resistance to the fed governor’s insider trading stocks, so they will feel compelled to take it to the next level of theft – they will just begin printing money and depositing it into their accounts. There is no one to stop them. How do we know it will come to this? Because it makes the criminal feel good to commit a crime and then not only get away with it but rub it in the faces of the victims…to do it openly, right in front of the very people they are ripping off…and then to get away with it. That is the crowning feature of all banana republics.

When criminality by the ruling class is not only not hidden but is broadcast in full daylight…when a light is shined upon the criminal activity as though it is a good thing, and no one cares. Then america will be a full banana republic.

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