Movie Review: Gospel of St. John – A Great Way to ‘Read’ the Bible

Mr. Friday Night

What a great idea: make a movie where the narrator reads directly the Gospel of John while the actors act out the narration. It is hearing the Bible and watching a movie at the same time.

The acting is good enough to keep you entertained, with actors that look like they are from the area Jesus lived and traveled. They speak Aramaic, which is the language Jesus spoke, with narration in English.

This is a great movie for kids as kids love to watch tv, but it seems that every modern show has all types of weird innuendo in it. With the Gospel of St. John, they can watch the movie and be filled with the words of the Bible at the same time.

The only knock is that they use the NIV version of the Bible, which isn’t a Catholic translation. Otherwise a great way to ‘hear’ the Gospel of St. John.

Free on Amazon Prime. 2 hr, 40 minutes long.

5 stars – highly recommended.

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