Letter From A Reader Doing Good in the World

After my article A Man Has 4 Options in Today’s World was published on Lewrockwell.com, I received some great letters from readers. This one is so beautiful I wanted to post it publicly.

It is easy to get down about the state of society, but there are good people doing great things all over the world, all the time. This gentleman is one of them:

Dear Mr Slye,

I enjoyed your recent notes on Ripperger’s talk. I have not listened to those talks in a while, and they are so important to remember every day. Listening to Ripperger years ago truly changed my life and I am trying to do everything he says in there.

I found yours today in Lew Rockwell, the 4 Options essay. Bravo. This is what my family is trying to do. I have left the World of Man and have entered the World of God. We live by the Providence of God and are starting a mission farm to feed religious communities–especially the contemplative/traditional ones–whose existence is the only reason God does not smite the world. After listening to Ripperger’s discussion of mental prayer and after learning more about the economy of salvation, I realized my life could be better spent laboring daily to support those praying and making reparation. I am a wretch, so this is the least I can do. It is hard work, starting a farm from nothing, but it is beautiful to witness God’s hand in all of it.

Our farm is xxxxx Farm. We are trying to turn upside down the order of Man in the way we live by returning to a community, medieval, distributist, agrarian way of life. Not easy to do over night. Not everyone jumps on board right away.

Anyhow, this is just to say yes! Good writing. Thank you. My prayers for you. And God’s blessings.


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