“Burn With the Love of God”

From Friar Anthony’s talk. He says that some of the greatest saints in Heaven will be people whom we have never heard of. They lived to their state in life and “burned with the love of God.” How beautiful is that?

“It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, you can be a saint, even one of the greatest saints. You must “Burn with the love of God.”

“We will glory in her glory. The lady who we don’t know, but on earth burned with the love of God and is a saint in Heaven. We will glory in her glory. We will rejoice before God because of the glory that she has attained too. That’s why they always talk about the saints that we know of, which are so great, like Saint Anthony, Saint Francis, just all the great saints, there’s going to be saints there (in Heaven) that shine beyond comparison, and nobody’s ever known them, because they were the ones which burned with the love of God and nobody ever saw them, nobody ever heard of them, they weren’t canonized.”

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