Will You Cheerlead for the Coming War?

Gerald Celente really says it best, “When all else fails they take you to war.” Well, all else is failing. I see a steady news flow about China or Russia doing some such negative thing. The clamor has begun. Those in power see the change coming, america falling, and recognize that a substantial part of the population will get a bit, say, unruly. The people know something is wrong but who to blame? They cast their eyes around. In an effort to throw the public off balance and avert attention from their disastrous policies, the government people will say something and point, “It’s China! They have destroyed us! It is our full intention to make them pay! We must go to war now! Sign up for service Joe Doe! Do your duty to defend the Great Homeland from the menace! They have destroyed our economy, wrecked our living standards! Onward boys, leap now, into battle!”

And the people will bang the drums and toot the horns, pleasantly pleased with themselves at having identified the enemy. They rush headlong into the fray.

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