The Slaves of the Future

In 1,000 years, will freedom be but a faded memory? Does the future hold more freedom for people or less? Will it go extinct?

Imagine a world without freedom. Your entire production is taxed. All of your time and energy is under the direction of someone or something else. Where you must submit to all licenses, fees, rules, dictates, that anyone in power mandated.

Even if freedom is gone, even if humans all live in squalid cages, or the matrix, I think there will still be people yearning to be free. The desire to be free will never be annihilated from the hearts of people. Maybe a cold wind will blow a tattered page of Tom Paine into their quarters. And maybe they’ll squint trying to read it in the moonlight. Maybe it will set their mind a’fire, and turn into a blaze only quenchable with freedom.

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