The Coming Great Depression

Can you feel the change in the air?

Something is changing. The world is entering into a great depression. Wars will be unleashed, and the lies will grow.
It is time to harden, not your hearts, but your will. The fat years fall away as the lean years come closer.

Turn away from the money gluttons and all frivolous pursuits. Time to focus on the 2 main things – faith and family. Build them up.

Americans have been chasing an illusion – that money more money will set them free – and when that illusion is gone, what will they do? The divorce rate is over 50% – they can’t rely on their family because they divorced their family. Few go to church. They have little actual tangible wealth – they have debt and trinkets from china. In fact, the money lusters have been telling them for years that debt is great. Putting yourself in debt in order to make money. So they can’t fall back on their real wealth.

What about skills? I don’t meet many people with actual, real world skills. Some can sell insurance, but most are paper pushers and retired hacks from the air force. They never did anything but push pointless papers and bow to their masters.
This is going to be interesting.

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