Reacher Movie Review – New Series On Amazon – Great Show

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Reacher is a new action series on amazon, comprised of 8 episodes.

The plot: Jack Reacher, a decorated US soldier, arrives in an oh-so-perfect small southern town, just as violence is erupting. He’s wrongfully accused of a crime, and uses his brains and significant brawn to overcome this initial obstacle. Reacher becomes involved in the action and slowly pulled into the fray, against his desire to just leave town.

This is a traditional action show, light on the gore and heavy on the fists. Reacher is a man’s man, à la clint eastwood, a tough guy that doesn’t talk much, just gets his business done.

Certainly not appropriate for children but not a curse-word filled gore fest like so many other shows are now. The only knock on this series is the first 15 minutes of the first episode is slow to get going. It picks up quickly after that.

Also a plus – very little social justice warrior b.s.. There is a little bit, but it’s subtle.

I’ve only watched 4 shows, but so far it is great. I will update after I watch the remainder of the episodes.

5 out of 5 stars. A great watch.

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