There Are No More Birds In My Area

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I’m changing it up this time…rather than a movie I am posting an interview of Dane Wigington about the geoengineering happening around the world. Truly a must watch…I just hope he’s wrong. I haven’t studied this subject at all but I do know that the number of birds I see daily has declined dramatically in the last 2 years. There used to be birds flying around all the time, now it is rare to even see one. Crows would make such a racket it was impossible to ignore. Cardinals would perch on the side mirrors of my car. Bluejays were everywhere. Mockingbirds were always chattering, chasing away other birds. Doves would fly up from the grass every time I walked in the yard. Now, nothing.

Oddly, on 2 occasions recently I saw lone pelicans flying above the trees. It was memorable because pelicans are water birds and rarely if ever fly over land. I remember looking up and thinking “what are these birds doing?” Both times they seemed confused as to where they were going, like they were lost. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe not.

I don’t know if this is a part of a natural cycle or if something more nefarious is going on, as Wigington suggests. But there are dramatically less birds in my area. Insects too. When was the last time you had to scrap the love bugs off the front of your car? What are you seeing in your area – are there less birds and insects? Dane Wigington has incredible analysis in the interview below:

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