Vote You Fool

I was thinking the other day that when the concentration camps in America get going in earnest, and the people begin to get corralled in, they might hesitate. The guards could say something like this, to ease them in: “Fellow Americans, putting you in these camps is for your own good. Trust us, its for your protection.” Some will be suspicious, doubtful of the claims of protection by the guards. But then one of the huddled masses might say, “Can we vote in the camps?” Or, “Will our vote count?”

To which the guards will all unanimously agree that voting is not only allowed but encouraged in the camps. “Yes, you will get to vote for the leaders. All votes are counted and every voice heard. It is great to be in the camp. Come on in.”

With that the crowd will cheer.

And the people, all slyly grinning to each other, saying “see, its gonna be great. We will still be able to vote. We might not have clothes or food but as long as we can vote everything will be great. We will vote in leaders to give us clothes and food.”

The guards too grinned amongst themselves as the people joyfully run to get their first warm shower in months.

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