It is Fascinating Watching America Fall

It is fascinating to live when a great empire is falling. One can read of the fall of other empires…but it doesn’t compare to seeing the degradation and destruction blooming in technicolor right in front of your eyes.

It is almost as if everything is following a script, as events happen steadily to further the decline.

As an empire becomes rich – usually through falsifying money – it grows decadent and immoral, leading to its certain decline. This process takes many years…generations. But those with eyes can see the destruction long before the grand collapse. Such is the case with Babylon. And Rome. And now with America.

At what time will it happen? No one knows. But we can look at the cracks develop, the bricks falling from the structure, the people being fed lies and loving it. We can look at all these things not with an air of sadness…but with an air of joyfulness. Joyfulness for a few reasons. Because that which is degrading and immoral cannot last…it is joyful to watch it perish. Joyfulness because the yankee empire has destroyed so much – so many people, so many cultures.

It is unfortunate those who might be harmed in the fall. But that is why one must understand history and try to get out of the way of the toppling behemoth.

It is Fascinating Watching America Fall…

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