The Americano – No Truth, Just Flitting in the Wind

The Americano is a sight to behold. He gets upset at nothing. The banks foreclose upon his house and his family is out on the streets? No problemo, he jingle mails the keys to the bank and crawls into a cardboard box.

He has gays parading in front of his children at the public school, no problem, he thinks, “I don’t judge anybody!”

Food prices go up 20% in a year while his earnings decline? No problem at all, he is glad to see those in power grow even more fantastically wealthier. He thinks, “I’ll get there some day!”

His civilization is destroyed right before his eyes? Of course that’s not a problem. He thinks, “The third world is not so bad, everyone’s equal!”

He gets home from work and settles into the well worn groove of his couch. He turns on the tv and turns off his brain. He swallows the indoctrination, learns to repeat it like a parrot. He is content. He is a great jackass. He is the perfect Americano.

The Americano is a weak, sniveling fool, willing to take any beating from life. Very few have firm morals to stand on, and so are swayed by the changes of modern tides. He is taught to accept everything, and never stand for truth and beauty. If he were a video game character he would only have one move – cower.

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