An Easy Business to Start

I realized last week that I needed a part for my gutter. I looked briefly online and couldn’t find it. So I started calling gutter installers within a 50 mile radius to see if they had the part in stock. Out of the 10 businesses I called, not one answered the phone. 2 days later, none of the businesses have returned my call.

That’s odd. Either they have all gone out of business or they are booked up far enough in advance that there is no point in even answering the phone. Because I was unable to speak with any of them I don’t know the cause. But if business is so strong that they don’t answer the phone anymore the solution would be for more competition to come in or for existing businesses to dramatically raise prices to quell demand.

Whatever the reason, you can’t get in touch with a gutter company. If someone wanted to make a few bucks they could get a trailer, gutter bending machine and a few screw guns, (which would only cost a couple of grand), a phone line listed on google and they would be off to the races in business.

Interestingly, I was searching for a car detailer also, and so called around to check prices. Again, no one answered my call. I think any of these small service businesses would be good businesses to start. Low start-up costs, few to no professional licenses required, work when you want to work, etc.

Anyway, I found the part online and ordered it.

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