A Parent’s Primary Focus

It’s good to be reminded.

As my wife and I run our kids to soccer practice, make dinner, see that they do their homework, it is good to be reminded of our true purpose in raising them. The priest in the video below says that virtually all parents want their kids to be happy, and that is a good thing. “All parents should want their children to be happy. But we have to question, what kind of happiness are they talking about? Happiness in this life or the next?”

He says, “Our primary role is to help get our kids and spouse into Heaven.

He talks about those good parents who do much right, “yet they fail to truly catechize their children. Parents who receive the sacraments, baptism, penance, communion, confirmation, maybe they’re even married in the Church, and yet they fail to truly catechize their children about the four last things, about the things that never end. And so their children grow up, thinking little about God and loving Him. They spend all their time in life concerned with sports, school, going to the best colleges, making a lot of money, worried about their inheritance, degrees, a nice house, and giving little to no thought about what’s really at stake. Eternal life or eternal damnation. Parents must understand their job is not only to provide temporally for their children, but above all, spiritually.”

On St. Rita’s feast day, “Let the rose remind you of the precious gift of your family and let the lesson of St. Rita, your primary focus is Heaven for those who you love. St. Rita knew that if her family made it to Heaven they would never have to say goodbye again.”

“Far more than any passing thing of this world, in the Heavenly reunion, they would be truly happy.”

Say a Hail Mary for this beautiful priest, who used the life of St. Rita as an example for us on how to live.

St. Rita, Pray for Us!

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