On the Duty of Parents to Raise Godly Children

Fr Isaac Mary Relyea talks about the duty parents have to properly catechize their children. I’ve never thought about it before but out of all the people on earth, God entrusted to you your child’s soul, and He wants you to teach them about Him. Fr. Relyea says it better:

God gives you – married couples – the gift to procreate. To bring life into the world. And He gives you that child – that son or daughter and says “Here, I’m entrusting this greatest treasure, which is worth more than all the material things in the world, are nothing compared to one soul, that soul is worth so much that My Son shed, not only one drop of His blood, all of His blood.” That’s a big responsibility that you parents have. That’s why children, this isn’t going to just happen on its own. That’s why you have to start forming them in the school of the saints.

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