There Are Many More Believers Than You Think

I watched a couple of NFL games a few weekends ago, beginning with the Jaguars. They were getting blown out so I skipped ahead to half time. They were still getting blown out, so I skipped to the 4th quarter and ended up watching them come back to get in position to win the game with a field goal. As I watched the kicker for Jacksonville get ready to kick the game winning kick, I noticed he was clutching his necklace – which looked like a crucifix or a cross, I couldn’t tell. What was interesting was that after he kicked the game winner, his team mates carried him around on their shoulders. As they were doing this he grabbed the necklace and took it off his head and was holding it up for everyone to see.

Then I watched the Giants vs Vikings game and after the game was over they panned to the Giants coach walking over to the Vikings coach. The Giants coach was wearing what appeared to be a crucifix with some type of medal on each side of the it.

The NFL is not known for its outright Christianity or even support of Christianity. But many of the coaches and players are Christians, and I am sure many are quite devoted.

Don’t let them tell you that there aren’t devoted Christians in the world. There are plenty.

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