A Charcoal Grill and a Happy Life

I was talking with a friend the other day and I mentioned that work and family are a lot to keep up with. You get done with work and you’re tired, but the kids are done with school and they are ready to play. Your wife has been dealing with the kids, she’s tired and wants a break.
I asked him, “How’d you do it, David?”

He said, “You know what you need? A charcoal grill.
When you get home after a day of work, you want to relax, but you want to be there for your family.
Get you some charcoal, load up the grill. Then what do you do? Gotta light it and wait. You can drink a couple of beers.
The wife will be happy for you because you’re cooking dinner.
The kids will be running around outside, you can keep an eye on them. They will each come over at different times to see what you are doing and talk. You can ask them about school, what they’re working on, how their day went.
You get to relax without having the kids climbing on you. The wife is happy…the kids are outside playing. Dinner’s cooking.
That’s what you need Rob…a charcoal grill.”

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