A Country’s Oil Consumption = The Size of Their Economy

This is an interesting look at how a country’s oil consumption equates to the size of their economy. As Chris Martensen shows, the correlation is almost 1 to 1. The corollary is that as oil prices increase, consumption is reduced, which reduces the size of the economy. Further, because modern economies are highly over leveraged, any decline in economic output puts the entire system in danger of collapse.

This collapse will happen sooner or later. The cause of the collapse will be because the ignorant fed members (and other central bankers) inflated an artificial economy based on fake fiat printing. These fed members will go down as some of history’s greatest fools, and the cause of the wreckage that will be america.

It is Fascinating What Is Happening in Commodity Markets

Many commodities are at all-time record highs, others are getting close. Whether the price increases abate and we can resume watching tv, or the prices skyrocket out of control and we go to full scale war in the streets is anyone’s guess. But it is fascinating watching the ignorant federal reserve masters lose control over their precious ‘markets’. Here is a link so you can watch the action.

How and Why You Must Become a Kingpin Shareholder

Hello, this is stockbroker john how can I help you.

Hi, I’d like to buy some stocks.

Ok, great.

Which would you recommend?

Well we have a good telecom.

And how much money is the company making now?

What do you mean?

Well, I’m assuming it is a functioning business that makes and sells a product at a profit.

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You Will Finally Be Rich

America continues to spend money it doesn’t have – impoverishing current and future inhabitants – on things that it doesn’t need and are frankly, evil. Killing people in other countries, aborting babies, etc. In creating this fake ‘money’ it has created a grotesque caricature of her socialized markets. The endgame is

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Vote You Fool

I was thinking the other day that when the concentration camps in America get going in earnest, and the people begin to get corralled in, they might hesitate. The guards could say something like this, to ease them in: “Fellow Americans, putting you in these camps is for your own good. Trust us, its for your protection.” Some will be suspicious, doubtful of the claims of protection by the guards. But then one of the huddled masses might say, “Can we vote in the camps?” Or, “Will our vote count?”

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Documentary on H.L. Mencken

Mr. Friday Night: Movie Reviews

I am a fan of H.L. Mencken and have spent many hours reading his books and articles. He was one of the finest writers in american history. He had his flaws for sure, but his words still jump off the page, 100 years after they were written.

This documentary feels so peaceful…walking around the area where Mencken lived in Baltimore…talking about his life and writing. Produced in the early 2000’s, it features a who’s who of modern Mencken scholars.

Even 20 years ago everything seemed lovelier, and reminds me of how much society has changed in that short time.

The Beauty of Growing Older, Turning 40

When you’re 18, you think life goes on forever. At 40, you realize time moves.

An urgency sets in to do your best work, to get to the kernel of your life. To decide what you are all about, and to work on that exclusively. To give the world that which is most you. The most beauty you have inside yourself, that is what you want to work on, to polish it and give it to the world. Everything else fades away. Like the stone falling from the block, revealing David, you want your extra stone to fall away, leaving but the most beautiful sculpture.
This is what it is to turn 40.
A time of reflection.
Many want to go back and live again their lost youth. But I lived good then. I wouldn’t want to change it, though I had some setbacks and wasted years, because it made the man writing here today. And I love this man. I love my family. My power, my passions, my abilities. My light.

This is what I want to shine through.

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