How to Increase Devotion to Any Saint

This is from Fr. Ripperger’s talk on St. Joseph (see the full video here, see my notes here). I thought this part about increasing devotion to St. Joseph was interesting enough to give it its own post. All words below are Fr. Ripperger’s, and I left his example of St. Joseph:

“There are different ways of increasing devotion. There are the standard ones which we can use in increasing any devotion to any saint – for example:

  • Obtain a picture of St. Joseph or a statue of St. Joseph and place it in a place of prominence in your home.
  • We can pray to him frequently and ask for his intercession, and ask for his intercession with faithfulness – with faith – that is, knowing that he can provide these things if our devotion is sufficient.
  • We can light votive candles in front of his statue and ask him to pray for us.
  • We can entrust ourselves to his care like the Blessed Virgin Mary did.
  • We can pray the Litany of St. Joseph and the prayers that are offered to St. Joseph, and the prayers that are offered in his honor.
  • And for priests, they can offer votive Masses of St. Joseph, which will actually benefit the faithful because of the graces that St. Joseph is able to bestow.”

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