France, Another Civilization, Gone With The Wind

I tuned in to watch some of the Saints game on a recent Sunday and the final 2 minutes of the World Cup was on. France vs. Argentina. I had seen recently where Argentina had come under fire because the team had no people of African descent on it. I thought it was interesting that France had no one of European descent on it.

When I think of France I think of the great sailings ships of the past, Napoleon, wine, beautiful Paris, the Louvre, western civilization, Catholicism. But now when I think of France I guess it is proper to think of it as another African country. For good or bad I don’t know…but I do know that France had its own culture, its own history. I would think the French people would want to be proud of their history, and not annihilate it by bringing in other cultures which will replace the French culture.

It would be a shame if the Chinese took over Japan and annihilated the Japanese culture. Not because the Chinese culture is bad but because the Japanese culture is beautiful too, and one wouldn’t want to see it go away. But this is what is happening to France.

“Ce’ la vie” the French might say…such is life. Another civilization, gone with the wind.

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