Marxists are Only Concerned About Money. Just Like America

Marxists are only concerned about money and the economy. The quality of life of the people, how they actually live, is of no interest to them. We see this in our current society. The chief determining factor in the quality of one’s life is how much money they have and how industrious they are. It doesn’t matter if that person is a swine, or a cheater, or cruel. They win with a large bank account. They lose with everything else. So goes the thinking in Marxist America.

Who cares about the drug addicts, and others struggling? They didn’t succeed in the game of money and so they are worthless. Who cares about the quality of their life? What is life like for the bulk of people in society? Do they wake up, drop their kids off at indoctrination centers, rush off to a job for 8+ hours, get home, put their kids in front of a tv, eat corn syrup and genetically modified ingredients for dinner?

Nock said, “Not a world of industry and efficiency, but a world of joy.” Are the people joyful, that is the question. Do they live a life of joy?

St. Paul said in Philippians 4:4 – “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.” Joy and joyfulness resonates through the ages.

The Marxists have it all wrong, as does the bulk of american society. Life is about joyfulness and the quality of a person’s life. The amount of money they have is of no consequence.

What about the rich man? Who cares about the quality of his life? He is rich, that is as good as it gets. If he is depressed or feels terrible or lives a sad life it is of no consequence, for he is rich. And this is all that matters in a Marxist country…in our Marxist country.

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