How to Deal with Rude Customers in Business So They Never Bring You Down

Anyone in business knows that there are many great people in the world…kind, understanding…just good people that you enjoy doing business with. One of the great pleasures of business is in dealing with these people. To provide a good service at a fair price, and to have the respect of those you deal with, as you respect them.

Also in business you meet rude people, or those who cannot be satisfied regardless of what you do. It is unfortunate one has to deal with them, as they cause much more heartache than they are worth.

I recently had a lady ask for a full refund after she had consumed wholly the product. In essence, she ate the cheeseburger and then wanted a full refund because it was a terrible cheeseburger.

The initial thought is to say, “If the food was so bad, why did you eat it all?”

But what good is that going to do? You can’t reckon with a fool. They will only say something idiotic – which is their nature – words that only they will understand, but which is idiotic to everyone else.

So I thought about how to deal with the unreasonable people – in the absolute fastest way possible – so you don’t waste any of your time or energy on them. And I think one of the best ways is to give in fully to their demands – to do it immediately and without any thought – for the thought doesn’t affect them; it only affects you.

You tell them you will support their demands immediately, and give them a full refund. But then put the onus back on them. The cheeseburger for instance, you might say, “Yes, we will gladly refund 100% of your money. If you would like to pay some portion, we will leave that up to your kindness.”

I know what you’re thinking – the person will just take the 100% refund and huff away. And you’re right, they probably will. But it’s not about the money it’s about getting the person away from you as fast as possible, so their behavior doesn’t affect you in any way. Sure, if someone is being completely unreasonable you have to be firm with them. But for the general rude person, put the rudeness back on them, meet them 100% with kindness, show them how it is done, then allow them to express who they are. Maybe they won’t show any kindness. Maybe they will. But either way, they will know it exists on the earth, and you won’t waste any time with the fools.

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