Letting Your Kids Watch Screens? Their Brains are Shrinking

If you’re a parent that keeps your kids off screens you should be congratulated and cherished. Yes, it is hard work – for the kids want the screens. Plus, you have to fill the time they would otherwise be on screens with something else…which usually requires your attention and energy.

But it is essential to do this.

I read this article showing that screen time use by children leads to lower brain development. Which, thinking about it now, is common sense. But many don’t understand the true harm they are causing their kids by keeping them glued to screens all day.

I was about to leave a grocery store recently and a lady was walking up to her car, parked next to mine. I waited on her to load her groceries before I backed out. She had a little child, maybe 10 months old. She put the boy into his car seat and I noticed a strap attached to the back seat that faced him. She velcroed a tablet onto the strap so that he could watch movies as they drove around. She appeared to be a pleasant young lady of medium to good means.

I felt sorry for the poor kid. Probably not even old enough to say no, he was force fed blinking images of whatever trash was coming across the prompter.

What I saw backs up the data in the article. “About 90% are using screens by age one,” said Hutton, who published a number of studies that used MRIs to research the impact of reading versus screen use by kids. “We’ve done some studies where kids are using them by 2 months old to 3 months old.”

Why have kids if you’re going to give them a screen to look at all day? Isn’t the purpose of having kids is to enjoy them?

Why so much screen time? Mom and dad both worked all day, they want to relax, not play with the kids. The kids have been at school all day watching screens and ‘learning’, so they’ll gladly keep watching. The living standards of the middle class in America have been falling for decades. The great revolution whereby the women went to work in the 60s and 70s was just so many more slaves on the plantation.

In the ’60s a man could be a construction laborer and buy a house and support his family on one income. His wife didn’t have to work. But with the fraud at the center of fiat money creation, everyone has to work to support a family. Americans have been growing poorer now for over a century.

Ultimately it goes back to fiat money. A select few individuals and companies get the lion’s share of the newly created money. Pushing prices up for everyone. The living standards for the vast bulk shrink, along with the size of their kid’s brains.

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