Mr. Friday Night Movie Review – Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware –

A fascinating look inside a manufacturing ecosystem. Learn why America is falling and China is rising…

I can’t say enough about this movie. As an american businessman of sorts, I’ve been privy to attempting projects in the business world. The slow drag of regulation and other such burdens upon business make it less enjoyable, less efficient…more work for no gain. The young sapling grows faster than the old oak and America has become the oak, and China the sapling. This is made extraordinarily clear in the documentary “Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware”.

If you want to see an entire ecosystem whose sole function is to rapidly produce goods look at Shenzhen. Raw material suppliers, parts manufacturers, delivery, design and engineering are abundant…thus allowing products to be created and built in rapid time.

Just as China rises America falls…manufacturing will not return quickly to the U.S. because the ecosystem required to support it here has been dismantled. This ecosystem is what makes a country rich…allowing for rapid development of new products, improvements to existing products etc. This enriches everyone involved – from the designer, owner, up to and including the end consumer. The gulf now between China and America is wide and rapidly widening. America must re-create this manufacturing ecosystem if it has any hope of remaining first world…unfortunately those in power for the last 100 years have been more concerned with passing laws and increasing burdensome regulation. American leaders don’t even understand the problem, so no solution will ever be presented.

**** 4 of 4 stars. Must watch

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